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2001 Honda Prelude Type SH For Sale

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  • 2001 Honda Prelude Type SH For Sale

    http:// year for a very special model, Type SH, super handling technology now used on many Acura luxury vehicles. 100,000 miles, needs body work and some mechanicals to restore to 100%. Was a western PA car, some rust, 3rd owner. Driver front fender replaced but carfax shows no accidents, all other body parts have original Honda label. Clean; interior is excellent! All accessories work including air conditioning. Uses oil, 1 qt = 600 miles, 2.2 litre engine has a history of consuming oil. no blue smoke, top of engine probably the problem (valve not rings). Timing belt and plugs replaced at about 80,000. All fluids changed at 80,000 and on-going as per normal schedule. Power steering leak, not sure what issue is. Purchased from Kelly Cadillac in Butler, PA. 2 years ago.
    See for pictures. Thanks

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    1. link didn't work for me, but I was just a lurker, anyway; reminds me of the kind of car I used to buy in my younger days: an aging, not perfect, but fun sporty car!
    2. Good luck on the sale, maybe someone here would want it as a winter snow beater, ha! (I hope that didn't come across as an insult; I meant it with good intentions, but my ecclectic humor gets in the way, sometimes. My wife just today told me an hour ago, "Noone's laughing, you're not funny!"