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Need a Honda S2000 Mechanic, Any Recommendations (DC,MD, NoVa Area)

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  • Need a Honda S2000 Mechanic, Any Recommendations (DC,MD, NoVa Area)

    Hello fellow members, Im in need of a good Honda Mechanic, does anyone have a connection in the DC area that knows the S2000. I'd like to have some work done on a 2001. Thanks fellas, please send me a PM or send me an email, [email protected]

    Thanks guys.

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    Not a mechanic by trade, but I've done just about everything on the S. I'm an engineer by trade, and have done plenty of work for folks in the area. Shoot me a PM


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      It doesn't take a Honda mechanic to work on the S2000, it's not that complicated. I'd rather have a really good mechanic w/ no Honda experience who can read/follow a shop manual than an avg. "Honda mechanic."

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        I truly am an S2K newbie, having purchased my 2003 AP-1 just a couple of months ago. Sadly, it's currently a dead S2K, with a fried engine (seized intake cam). I am currently looking for a legitimate, experienced rebuilder that knows what they're doing with F20c engines. I understand these engines are not for rookies! Could someone point me in the right direction? I live in Bethesda, MD and a local shop would be great, but I'm willing to ship the engine as well. Its currently out of the car.

        Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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          I just answered you in another forum but if you get here first, this is the advice I gave in the other forum. Call David at Inline Pro. They're in Springfield and work on S2000's only. The engine will be rebuilt not only correctly but extremely well. Inline Pro:


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            I am looking for an S2000 mechanic in the Kansas City area.

            Had a top notch guy in Lee's Summit, but he moved to Arizona.

            I have a bog stock 03 w/ less than 34,000 miles.