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Our drive over the top

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  • Our drive over the top

    Cindy and I left about 8:30 on Tues. went up Hwy 16 over to 88 to 49 and then up 108. The road was so much fun all the way over the top over to Hwy 395. We had lunch at Lake Topaz(Cindy had to make some money on the slots to pay for this drive ) and back over on Hwy 89(sorry no pic's of 89 because I was having so much fun, one of my favorite roads) to Hwy 4. 4 has some ruff spots but not bad at all(the good outnumbers the bad 100 to 1) so don't let a couple of ruff spots stop you from taking this Hwy. We went a little over 400 miles and got home at 7:30(after a long diner).

    The pic's of Calaveras Big Trees can't show you how big these trees are(biggest in the world) so if you haven't been their you should go see them for yourself.

    My pic's load backwards(last to first) so if use the slide show do it in reverse order


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