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  • New guy here

    JoelCool here, call me Joel. I purchased an '08 blue CR a few months ago, and have been enjoying it quite a bit. I was donating blood and a fellow S2000 owner (I think RPALUCK) told me about this site.

    Frankly it's painful trying to navigate around here, but I'm told there are some good people here.

    Just a bit about me - I live in Placerville which is between Sacramento and Tahoe. I'm using my CR as a dd, which I think is cool.

    Prior to sport cars I was into sport bikes for 29 years. One day about a year and a half ago I was on my way home from work, riding my '05 Yamaha R1 as usual along a back road when a Corvette backed out in front of me. I nearly avoided him, but ended up side swiping the car with my bike. I don't remember the collision or the 50' I flew, but the helicopter ride, morphine, hospital stay were memorable experiences. I suffered a broken collar bone, 3 ribs and a bruised lung. Not bad, considering... it was a high speed collision. Following the accident, my wife made it clear she didn't want me riding any more. So a big change in my life is ensuing, and I suppose this little blue car is part of that.

    Hope to see you on the road.

    Oh, about the avatar... I've had 6 collisions with deer on motorcycles over the years and I'm sick of them. Sorry if you think they are pretty or should have the right of way, I think we need more mountain lions and a longer hunting season.

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    Welcome to the site.
    Happiness is a nice road, great weather, and driving the S with Sue in the seat next to me.

    "Whatever you do, where ever you go, enjoy the drive."

    I know for a FACT that the last year of production of the S2000 is 2003!!!!!
    After that, it will be the S2200 under an assumed name.


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      Welcome to the club Joel. I think your wife was right, no motorcycles for you. Six deer and a corvette! You'll find that driving the S on country roads is just about as thrilling, and a lot safer.
      Pacific Northwest Chapter Guru, 9 years running!


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        Thanks for the welcomes. To be quite clear, none of the deer knocked me off the bike(s), just the Corvette.


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          1. Wow, your story is so similar to mine except my MC accident was boring compared to yours, and I was going pretty slow actually when a racoon or whatever caused my front wheel to go flying up in the air. I don't remember my flying through the air myself, and thankfully the landing, but broken collarbone, punctured lung, and a permanent dent in my head caused my wife to jump at the chance at me selling my 20 something MC and get a great car to take my mind off them. It worked.
          2. I had to laugh at your remark about navigating the site; it was difficult for me as well at first (year ago), b/c I don't do any of these kind of things usually.
          3. There is another site that is so huge it will really overwhelm you, ha! I stayed with this one b/c is is an older group as far as a median age, in my opinion.
          4. Enjoy the site, it has helped me to enjoy my car more.
          5. Don't get overwhelmed with a couple of guys trying to get you to join right away, that's normal, in fact, have some fun and make them wait, ha!


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            Welcome the site! I just joined as well.


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              Welcome Joel. As your DD I guess you drive around with the top on????


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                Welcome Joel. Looking forward to meeting you on an upcoming drive...hopefully soon. Keep an eye on the SF Bay Area Chapter forum!


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                  DD s2k FTW!