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Perseids meteor shower night of August 13

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  • Perseids meteor shower night of August 13

    Cindy and I are going up to Yosemite to see this.
    We will leave Sac. and go up Hwy 108(second highest road in Calif.) to Hwy 395, south to Hwy 120(highest road in Calif.) and take it west through Yosemite and stop at a look-out at about 10pm stay there till ? and drive home(yes this can be a all night-er) for me. The look-out is at 9000+' so it can be cold even in August, it will be a full moon so we won't see as many meteors as we would if it was a new moon but to see Yosemite by full moon light is awesome. We will even take a drive up to Glacier Point to see what it looks like in a full moon.
    If you don't want to stay out all night and drive home in the morning you can stay on the East side of Yosemite(Hwy 395) for not to much money(compared to the hotel in Yosemite) and that way you have several ways to go back to the Bay Area(Hwy 120, 108, 4, 88 or 88 to 89 to Lake Tahoe).

    To see Yosemite by FULL MOON is something to see for yourself(if you go be sure to bring your camera and tripod for some ass kicking photos).

    NameDate of PeakMoonQuadrantidsNight of January 3In view almost all nightLyridsNight of April 22Sets early, so won’t interferePerseidsNight of August 12Thin crescent, rises lateDraconidsNight of October 8Crescent, rises during peakOrionidsNight of October 21Sets before peak hoursLeonidsNight of November 17Not in view during peak hoursGeminidsNights of December 13, 14Not in


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    Please take pics!!!!! Long exposure!!!!!

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      Sorry for the late post, here are the pic's I took