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New guy... Coming from Atlanta!

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  • New guy... Coming from Atlanta!

    That's right guys, at the beginning of next year I will be leaving my beloved home in Atlanta to head to Portland. I am 22, don't know anyone out there, and am in for quite a rush I think. The whole idea of leaving everything is quite overwhelming, so I'm hoping the people/scene/atmosphere of Portland is something I will like. I'm used to southern hospitality so I hope people are nice up there haha! Just wondering what I'm getting myself into haha.


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    I am sure Ray will be by to welcome you. They always seem to have something going on in the PNW.

    Good luck out there.


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      Welcome to the Pacific Northwest. I've been on vacation a lot this month and just saw this. I know there are several members in the Portland area, though we rarely hear from them. I've been trying to get them together to form a local chapter, but no luck so far.
      We usually meet in the Puget Sound region once a month. We also schedule several drives throughout the year, including one major drive. Next year's drive will be heading down your way. We are going down the Washington, Oregon and California coasts for a short wine tour in Northern California. Then we are returning via Oregon. Our final day will be in Hood River. That trip is scheduled for 25 May through 2 June. Would love to have you join us if you can. If not for the entire trip, come over and visit us in Corvalis or Hood River.
      We'll also be looking at putting in a request for S2KDays 2014 and Hood River is one of our potential spots to hold it. We would love to get some locals involved to help us out.
      Keep an eye out on the PNW Chapter postings to see what all is happening.
      Again, welcome to the Pacific Northwest. You're going to enjoy being here.
      Ray Hansen
      PNW Chapter Guru
      Pacific Northwest Chapter Guru, 9 years running!