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  • March Meeting

    Hey All,
    Sorry about getting this posted late, I have been traveling back and forth from Montana.....

    Bill and Karen have decided to meet at XXX in Issaquah around noonish on the 14th

    Drink coffee…. do stupid things faster & with more energy!!

    I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going. Are you coming with me?

    Lower 48 states complete.

    Time to start over.

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    Wow! A porn theater for our meeting. My, how we have changed over the years.


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      Who said we don't know how to have fun.


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        Weather sounds like the pits for tomorrow. Good day for a top up drive though. I still plan on being there. I'll just overinflate my tires so that they can work as flotation devices!


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          A soaker for sure.


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            Well guys, for once I don't mind being in the dry prairies.

            It will be a wet one here too but that's because the snow is melting big time.


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              Weather inside my house is not good at the moment either, no electricity! It was so windy and rainy last night. Expecting to have warm weather indoors in about an hour or so.
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                It ended up as a great day. A bit of rain (not very hard) on the way to Issaquah, but pretty clear on the return. I had the top down for the last 40 miles or so from Gig Harbor all the way home. Really nice top down weather for driving the back roads.
                XXX Root Beer is something else. Great place to meet with cars of any type. They have lots of meets there. It takes a certain kind of place to advertise "Nothing we serve is good for you." Great Choice Bill and Karen!