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  • Goodby

    We have traded the S2000 in to Honda due too physical limitations, we will missing this car "VERY" much.
    I can no longer use a clutch. We enjoyed the club and wish you all the best.

    DJ & Cass Moore:

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    Argh! So sorry!


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      Sorry to hear that you had to move on from your S2000. However, remember that you are always welcome as part of the S2KCA community. We have several members that have moved on to other cars, but they still join in for local events and meetings.
      S2K Days Attendee: Belterra, IN - 07 | Lake George, NY - 08 | San Francisco, CA - 09 | Asheville, NC - 10 | Keystone, SD - 11 | Golden, CO - 12 | Atlanta, GA - 13 | Hood River, OR - 14 | Cumberland Falls, KY - 15 | Durango, CO - 16 | Fredericksburg, TX - 17 | SoCal, CA - 18

      Where have you driven your S2000?


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        You don't have to leave the club just because you had to get rid of the S Dale. Quite a few of the Pacific Northwest members no longer own an S. We like the people AND the car. So you and Cass are very welcome to join us any time you want to.
        Pacific Northwest Chapter Guru, 9 years running!


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          Hey DJ, I can relate to your story. Mine was due to sciatica making it very painful to use my clutch leg. That and needing more carrying capacity for my RC planes, the S2000 was replaced with an auto Golf GTI. I still go to S2000 meets and drives and I've found those attending have been very accommodating. As the years go by, there will be fewer S2000s in these drives. It's the friends that stay the same.


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            Sorry to hear about you needing to get rid of the S, but we would like you to stay with us.
            Happiness is a nice road, great weather, and driving the S with Sue in the seat next to me.

            "Whatever you do, where ever you go, enjoy the drive."

            I know for a FACT that the last year of production of the S2000 is 2003!!!!!
            After that, it will be the S2200 under an assumed name.


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              I echo the thought of the others. I sold my S and replaced it with a Mustang and am still a member of the club and participate in events and hope you will do the same. It IS about the car, but more than that it's about the people.


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                Sorry to hear this but WE are still here as friends. I would love to see you and Cass at a PNW meet.
                Jpn,Honda,Passenger,AP2,2dr convertible/6sp-manual,BaseModel,2007,Suzuka Plant,USA#699 - Laguna Blue Pearl

                S2KDays Attended: Keystone SD 2011 | Golden CO 2012 | Hood River OR 2014 | Cumberland Falls KY 2015 | Durango CO 2016


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                  What everyone else said. I drive a 370Z now, but I still come to events and hang out with my friends! It may have started off about the car, but it became about the people.