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June 16, Emerald Bay Drive

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  • June 16, Emerald Bay Drive

    LAIRD MICHAEL THE BALD (AKA TIS HIMSELF) has once again ventured forth into his realm in search of adventure, relief of boredom, and placation of the complaints of the S, which has not had its drive addiction sated by the recant excellent drives. The S has demanded that a more mountainous and wild environment be transversed.

    Therefore; Laird Michael, in response to the intelligence provided by Sir Richard as to the dire situation of the local environment of the Bay of Emeralds of the Lake of Tahoe, has made pilgrimage (twice), through the southerly portions of his realm, to the said Bay to ascertain the situation and render any aid that he could to his Uncle Woton. (Woton has, for centuries, maintained a summer retreat called Vikingsholm at the bay.)

    Sadly the reports of Sir Richard are worse than at first indicated. The first pilgrimage revealed that the work of the Frost Giants and Trolls of Winter had damage the road way to where it was reduced to a only one lane (with pilot cars) in places. The second pilgrimage revealed that the road was repaired and passable to the S and its brethren. The trips also revealed that the infestation of Skraelings is so bad that Woton has not visited Vikingsholm for years. The Skraelings park their wagons and carts on every square foot of flat space within miles. They in fact act as second guard rail system for the road. Laird Michael was not able to get down to Vikingsholm to asses its condition. This lack of access makes it unlikely that Vikingsholm can be easily visited.

    However, the country traversed in these trips was found to be pleasing, seanic free of Skraelings until in the vicinity of the Bay of Emeralds and well worth a drive for the Clan of the S,

    Therefore: The Clan is called to gather at the Starbucks at 1228 Broadway in the town of Placerville at 10:00 a.m. on the 16th day of June. The drive will commence at approximately 10:30 a.m. and proceed by way of Mosquito Rd, Carson Rd, and Pony Express Rd to the hamlet of Pollack Pines (pit stop at Safeway/Starbucks).

    Thence the hoard will travel on Sly Park Rd, Mormon Emigrant Trail, SR 88 and SR 89 to the vicinity of South lake Tahoe where lunch will be had at Sonny's B-B-Q.

    After lunch the short drive to the Bay of Emeralds will be made.

    After viewing the Bay the hoard will return to their abodes by either continuing on SR 89 to Tahoe City and on to Truckee and HWY 80, or backtrack on SR 89 to south Lake Tahoe and take HWY 50.

    The traffic on the pre drives was light to almost non-existent so the drive should be relaxing.

    Hope to see one and all on Saturday.

    I also want to thank to Sir Stephn for offering to make a trip map for this drive. It should be posted in a few days

    Mike McLaughlin

    '02 S2000

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    Oh no, not another drive miss !!!! We cannot make it, Walnut Creek for birthday.. My son trumps the drive this time....... You all have a great time, keep an eye out for the Trolls........

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    So many roads, so little time


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      Sounds great. Thanks for putting this together
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        Peggy and Tony will be there. Thank you, your Lairdship (Mr Gates doesn't think that's a word but f*** him).


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          Hello one and all. Unfortunately, Carl and I will not make this one. Sounds like a beautiful trip. Too close to Father's Day plans. Terry


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            we are in. looks like a great drive. thanks so much


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              My boys are at my house for Father's day weekend...don't get them here very much these days, so going to spend the weekend with them. Sounds like a great drive. Sorry to miss.


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                HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE,​​

                LAIRD MICHAEL THE BALD (AKA TIS HIMSELF) ​ It is with profound sadness that I have to acknowledge that Sir Richard and Lady Jan, Sir Carl and Lady Terry and Sir Louie reported that they will not be joining the h Rampage and Pillage - 2.pdf Rampage and Pillage - 2.pdf oard. The cohorts that cannot make it are to be noted for their noble and honorable sacrifice of their share of the spoils for the betterment of and continued harmony of their families. Their presence will be missed

                At this time I can only report that only four veteran minions an​​d one rookie have, so far, volunteered for the latest Rampage and Pillage.

                They are:

                Laird Michael
                Sir Coop
                Sir Tony and Lady Peggy
                Sir Stephn and Lady Lee
                Rookie Sir Eric of Haskett ( steed unknown )

                Laird Michael's Castle is located some distance from the gathering point, Therefore, he will be departing the Rayle's parking lot ( I-80 and Foresthill Road, Auburn CA) at approximately 8:45 a.m. on the 6th day of June in the year of our Lord 2018, His Lairdship will proceed to the site of the Gathering with a little jaunt through the local countryside to warm up and exercise his steed to prepare him for the Pillaging.

                His Lairdship wishes to thank Sir Stephen for the preparation of the drive map which is shown below. If there is any problem viewing the map please contact Laird Michael as soon as possible, Rampage and Pillage - 2.pdf
                Mike McLaughlin

                '02 S2000


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                  This thread is classic!

                  Wish I could join in the pillaging. It's beautiful up there. Alas, I must remain in LA to prep for S2KDays. A staggering amount of details needs to be addressed. It's kind of unreal.

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                    Well said, Old Fellow. Lady Terry and Sir Carl are sad to miss but hope that one and all have a truly stellar drive.


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                      HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE!

                      LAIRD MICHAEL wishes to hereby thank the participating Minions of the Rampage and Pillage of June 16th last for their steadfast and stalwart participation in the successful passage through the southern portions of the realm, Of particular note was the assistance of Sir Anthony and Lady Margaret for their in navigation and communications. Sir Stephen and Lady Lee once again acquitted themselves in the most honorable manner as photographic documentarians. The hoard was joined (for the first time) by Sir Eric and Lady Ida, who acquitted themselves well and upheld the traditions of the Clan of the S. All look forward to their participation in future Rampages.

                      The weather was accommodating and the roads clean, the scenery spectacular and relatively free from traffic until South Lake Tahoe and the Bay of Emeralds was reached. After fortification with refreshments at Sonny" BBQ, Sir Eric and Lady Ida returned to their lands by the southern route. Te remainder of the hoard returned by the northern route. The Skraelings and Road Trolls have been busy since His Lairdships last visit as the road repairs where once again in progress.

                      All returned safe,

                      Laird Michael the Bald (aka Tis Himself)
                      Mike McLaughlin

                      '02 S2000