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25 aug - Alleghany and Road Kill Chili

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  • 25 aug - Alleghany and Road Kill Chili

    This is a fun one. We've stitched together some of the best roads in the area, with great vistas and a visit to a living ghost town. Then back to the house to feast on Road Kill Chili. RSVP required to get start time and location. All are welcome. >> Here are some links to foto's of past drives >> >>

    List to date - 08 aug - seven cars

    Dick, Janet
    Phil, Kim
    Tony, Peggy

    Dinner guests
    Larry, Stephanie (Larry might be looking for an empty right seat)
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    looking forward to it.....

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      Hey Stephn. Unfortunately, since I will be out of town the week leading up to the drive, and since our cat has started chemotherapy medicines and I don't trust a cat-sitter to administer those (it's complicated), we won't be able to make it.


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        And here I thought this was in PA.
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          Originally posted by Stephnj View Post
          This is a fun one.
          It *does* look like a fun one in the gorgeous Sierra Nevada gold country!

          I replied to your email but it bounced (apparently your email provider thinks I'm a spammer ). I would have loved to attend, but I have a family obligation on the east coast only a couple of days after.

          I look forward to when I can get back up there to drive and socialize with you all!

          Also, I had replied to your question about the gloves (also bounced back). Mine are actually bicycling gloves. They serve multiple purposes, but mostly to keep sweaty hands in the summer from destroying the steering wheel. I do wish they covered more of my wrists though. That space between the long sleeves and the gloves gets sunburned.

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            It looks like this year isn't meant to be. Alas, we won't be able to make this drive either. We have family matters to take care of that week and the next. We are just party poopers. Have a great drive. Terry and Carl


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              Thanks for another great drive, wonderful weather and chili, Good Job. Such a good day that I forgot about the book. Hopefully I can get it later. Mike
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                You guys do such great events up there! You're the textbook example of "how to do it."

                "Wait... r.murphy isn't a dude?"
                California Dreamin'


                ​Don't be so humble - you are not that great.
                --​​​​​​ Golda Meir


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                  Sorry we missed it this year Stephn, it's been a bad year this year for me with a few bright spots (not the least was the S2K days week in SoCal). Sounds like you all had fun, and I hope we can make it next year.
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                    Sorry we missed it as well. I was really looking forward to roadkill chili. We have a kitty that has cancer, and he's on a chemo regimen that's very new, so we didn't want to take an overnight trip. Besides, my car still needs an alignment/ride height adjustment. It wouldn't have taken so long, but Firestone ****ed up my wheel, and it took them three weeks to get it fixed.