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Help! A friend wants to buy a CPO S2000 at Gunn Honda

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  • Help! A friend wants to buy a CPO S2000 at Gunn Honda

    If anyone is in San Antonio and has a bit of time to spare, there is a Sebring 02 with a AP2 rear bumper and muffler tips at Gunn Honda. A good friend of mine is interested in picking one up, but is not sure what to look for to see if there is anything wrong with the car. It's a Honda Certified Pre-Owned.

    I told him that there is a 2004+ rear end and muffler tips, so it might have been in a wreck, but who knows how bad it was. If anyone has some spare time, please send me a PM. Thanks all!

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    If its a certified, then I would say it was not in an accident. They do a 100 point inspection to make it a certified pre owned. It should be safe to buy IMO.

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      If it's CPO then why the miss matched bumper and tips?


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        yeah, i've heard of cases where dealers put the certified stamp on cars that weren't supposed to have it. there's always the possiblity of a non-reported accident


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          Lots of people have changed front and rear bumpers on AP1 cars to AP2 parts just because they like the way they look or they want their car to look like a new model.

          I would look at the trunk lid, rear fenders and under panels to make sure they all still have their factory VIN stickers. If they do, you are good to go.


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            nevermind, someone already bought it. thanks everybody


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              Thanks for letting us know. I will close the thread.

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