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[Texas-Statewide] Driving Event - Jan. 27-28, 2007 - Raging Bull Texas Stampede IV

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  • [Texas-Statewide] Driving Event - Jan. 27-28, 2007 - Raging Bull Texas Stampede IV

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I have a passion for cars and driving, and I have funneled my passion for driving into organizing an annual driving event called the Raging Bull Texas Stampede. With that introduction, I'd like to extend an invitation to you to the 4th annual Raging Bull Texas Stampede which will take place the weekend of January 27-28, 2007. Some details are in the post below.

    I hope some of you will consider joining us for a great time of driving and camaraderie.

    The Tourmaster
    Austin, Texas

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    The Raging Bull Texas Stampede IV
    January 27-28, 2007
    Austin, Texas

    The Raging Bull Texas Stampede is a weekend-long driving event
    designed to bring together driving enthusiasts who have a passion
    for driving their cars the way they were designed to be.

    The Raging Bull embodies some of the most challenging and scenic
    backcountry roads in the great state of Texas.

    You will get the chance to drive and hang out with some of
    the nicest and most passionate driving enthusiasts around.

    Come for only one day or the whole weekend.
    Join the group in Austin or Fort Worth.

    The next Stampede will have some new features: Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, the longest private road course in Texas, will be expecting us Sunday morning for classroom instruction and driving on their 3.1 mile track. And in response to requests from friends and fans, for the first time, attendance has been opened up to sports cars of all makes and models. All Porsche, BMW, Miata, Corvette, Audi, MINI, Nissan Z, Infiniti, Mustang, Lotus, Mazda RX-7 and RX-8, Ferrari, and Honda S2000 clubs in Texas will be invited.

    How well can you ride the Raging Bull?

    Saddle up with us and find out.

    Advance registration is required. There is a registration fee1.

    For more details and registration, go to:

    (1) There didn't use to be a registration fee but I was forced to add one this year due to all the expenses associated with organizing and running this event. Fee is $30 for driver or $45 for driver plus passenger. It is a little higher for those who wait until the event day to pay. The fee does not include hotel, meals, gas, etc. There is no separate charge for MSR-Cresson. The purpose and use of the fees is explained in the FAQ section of the web site.
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      Turk, you should post pictures like this one:

      Once one of the S2000 "clan" around here goes, more will be interested.

      We tend to be a clanish bunch.

      Also, you post should contain all the upfront fee's for MSR Cresson and everything else.




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        Thank you

        Thank you, Kraemer, for your feedback and for highlighting that picture which happens to be one of my favorites.

        I have added a summary of the fees in the announcement above. Thank you for pointing out MSR. It's a good point. I should have already thought of making a point of explaining that there is no additional fee for MSR on the web site. Seeing how thorough the web site is, I made the mistake of assuming people would interpret it automatically.

        Best wishes to all.


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          Turk, many of us have been to MSR cresson before. What kind of driving can we expect that we will be able to do at MSR, and how many sessions will there be?


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            Originally posted by kraemer007
            Turk, many of us have been to MSR cresson before. What kind of driving can we expect that we will be able to do at MSR, and how many sessions will there be?
            I am not surprised to hear that. For that reason, I believe the MSRC portion of the weekend will be less interesting to those of you who have been to this track before, be it in a DE or Club Race event.

            As you can see from the program schedule on the 'Stampede Details' page, we do not plan to be at MSRC any more than 1.5 hours, so, with 25 cars our goals have to be limited. About 30 minutes of classroom instruction, 15 minutes to get everyone to the paddock area and lined up, clear the track, 15+ minutes of driving (one session) and then regroup for Q&A afterwards. I think the visit to MSRC will be most interesting to people who have never visited this track or have not been on any track ever.

            The visit to MSRC will, hopefully, be viewed as the icing on the cake (the cake being the rest of weekend of hill country driving). Those with little/no track experience will probably learn some new things in the class and get to find out about and drive on the leading track in Texas. We should get to run a few laps around the whole track in a lead/follow format following the instructors at a decent speed (but not like a parade lap which is slow). I believe the track and pace will be plenty challenging for newcomers. Since 1- the cars have not been tech inspected by any club, 2- there are no run groups, and 3- we won't be wearing helmets, we won't be driving all out.

            This is not an opportunity everyone gets by just showing up at the facility, so I think it will be enjoyed by those who have never done it before. The visit may be enjoyable even for those who have been on the track before, but not without a helmet. The experience of visiting MSRC may cause many to catch the DE and racing bug and have their lives transformed forever! Some of the experienced drivers may even have the chance to help the inexperienced. That would fit the Stampede spirit which is not competition but mutual enjoyment of driving and camaraderie.

            I run the risk of boring you with all this information because I don't want you to be disappointed by expecting something more like a DE. That would be impossible to do within the time we have alotted during a weekend of hill country driving involving 550 miles. Our main event is the hill country driving, and the visit to MSRC will hopefully add a little spice and excitement.

            I am glad you asked the question because I am sure it was on someone else's mind, too. I hope this answers your question satisfactorily. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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              This sounds perfect actually. There are a lot of people here that didnt get to go on the Hill Country drive and a lot of people that havent been to the track. I'll help you get the word out about this.


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                Originally posted by kraemer007
                This sounds perfect actually. There are a lot of people here that didnt get to go on the Hill Country drive and a lot of people that havent been to the track. I'll help you get the word out about this.
                That sounds great! Thank you for your help.


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                  Sounds like it might be fun...checking w/ my wife to see if she's interested.

                  '13 Civic Si sedan
                  '08 Ridgeline RTL
                  '02 Z06


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                    Is the road calling you? Answer the call.

                    Only 24 days to the next Stampede! 16 thrill-seeking drivers have registered so far to ride the Raging Bull.

                    Wondering what the Stampede is like? Here is the link to last year's Stampede discussion at

                    And here is an article about the last Stampede in Sport Z Magazine by veteran Bull Rider and driving instructor Renee Hayden:

                    Pictures from last year’s Stampede can be viewed here:

                    The 'Past Stampedes' page at the event web site has pictures, articles, and threads from the two previous Stampedes:

                    If you’re interested, advance registration is required and there is a registration fee. It’s all explained at the web site.

                    If you’re already planning to come, be sure to make your hotel reservations before Jan. 13th to receive the discounted group rate.

                    Happy new year to you,
                    The Tourmaster


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                      Don't you want to get out after all this ugly weather?

                      There is only one week left before the Stampede. 19 drivers who have a passion for driving and their navigators have already signed up to ride the Raging Bull, some coming from as far away as Idabel, Oklahoma and Paris and Houston, Texas. There wil be a variety of cars: 350Zs, G35s, 300ZXs, a Porsche Boxster and Lotus Elise, Solstices, a BMW 328is, an RX-7 twin turbo, 240SXs, and others.

                      Preparations for the Stampede are in full swing and I'm really excited. The track and restaurant arrangements are all set. I recently spent some more time driving some of the roads to fine tune the route and I am really excited how great it is turning out to be. It's going to be a challenging run for all of us. Not only that, the weather forecast for the Stampede weekend is very good: cool and sunny. That is a welcome change given the prolonged nasty weather we've experienced recently.

                      All the information you need to know is at the web site:

                      I hope at least one S2000 will join us.


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                        This thing is limited to 25 spots?

                        Never mind...just saw that on your website