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Takata Racing Harness with Bride XIAS

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  • Takata Racing Harness with Bride XIAS

    I can't find out if driving around in Texas with a racing harness on the STREETS is legal. I'm guessing it is, but I wanted to know for sure. I dug around the forums for 3 hours and now it's past 3am

    I read everyone's opinions about safety, and racing rules and all that, but I never found out if I can get a ticket or anything for it.

    I ordered my Bride XIAS seat with the lower seat cusion and will eventually get a roll bar (if someone ever makes one worth my buying) so I can properly mount the Takata harness safely.

    FYI: I got the seat as a bit of an overly expensive way to be able to see more than half of the tach and perhaps to get my head less than 4 inches over the stock roll bar. I know that the harness will require a taller rollbar still, but if I can't use the harness on the street then I might skip both the harness and the roll bar for now.

    Anyone know what's up with this situation?


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    Anybody have a clue? Bueler, Bueler...


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      i don't know, call motor vehicles and ask
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        Takata harnesses are not DOT-legal. Simpson or Momo harnesses are not DOT-legal either. If you really want a harness that's DOT-legal, the Schroth harnesses are the only ones that I'm aware of.

        Of course, that doesn't stop most people from driving around illegal harnesses like myself.

        One way to get around that is to wear your oem DOT-approved 3-pt seat belt over your harness, but that may be redundant. Or you could always snap it on real quick when the cops see you

        FYI, if you do get a rollbar for the harnesses, I highly recommend the Mugen roll-bar as it comes with pre-drilled holes to directly install the Takata eyebolts with the harnesses attached. Otherwise, you will need to drill some holes for yourself or wrap the harness around the bar (which I've seen a few do, but doesn't seem safe IMHO).

        I had some 4-pt DOT-legal Schroth harnesses in my BMW M3 and they worked great. Highly recommended!


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            Sparco harnesses have FIA certification and thats good enough for me. VA and NJ are ok with them on the street.

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              If you are looking at getting a roll bar (which is required to run a set of harness in the correct manner) check our the Roll bar development thread link is in my sig.

              We have has some delays and setbacks specifically manufacture quality control and production rate but it looks like we may have that figured out.


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                Great responses thanks everyone! Of the bars on the market now the Mugen was my only consideration. Anyone have pictures of the roll bar covers for it?
                I would very much like to see what the staticx roll bar is about and read all the posts on the topic. It sounds promising, so I'm eager to see how that turns out.

                It's reasurring to hear that someone else is driving around Texas with a non-DOT harness without getting horasses by the cops. I guess the worst thing that could happen is some small ticket for not wearing the correct seatbelt... which I could play dumb on... "duh, huh Mr. officer... I had no idea... I bought this one to be safer!" ha ha ha!!!