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Has anyone done a NASA HPDE event?

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  • Has anyone done a NASA HPDE event?

    I've been doing some research into them. Since my goal is to eventually start racing, I'm attracted to them, because it sounds like their HPDEs are intended to teach "race craft" once you get into the higher groups.

    If anyone has done their events, I'd be interested in some feedback.

    The next event with NASA Texas is Oct. 27-28 at MSR-Houston.


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    I did an HPDE with NASA at TWS a while back. The only cool thing about HPDE with these groups is to watch real wheel to wheel racing. There's is very little attention and focus on the DE side. Plus being shorted on track time. Again, I am speaking from my experience.


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      I've done quite a bit of HPDE's with NASA and I like they way they are set up. Ali is a great instructor for beginers and does a great job IMO. They have classes after every race session and you are able to ask questions about the lines, ask for suggestions to fix what's wrong and other things like that. I've only been "shorted" on time once and it was at TWS last August(06). There were a lot of cars that were disabled on track and had to be towed back to the pits wich took time out of everyone.

      I also like that they combine the last track session of the day and let the 3-4 people run with the 1-2. This gives you a chance to go out on track with people that are driving a lot faster than you are and also lets you see some different lines thru the track.


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        I have run with NASA multiple times, and honestly prefer them personally. Most of my track buddies race in Honda Challenge so I get to hang out with them while getting track time in. I wouldnt disagree with AC that NASA isnt quite as instruction-centric as say TDE, but they still do a good job IMO. The difference between NASA and TDE is they arent near as regimented in their way of handling things. So, you can participate in the classroom sessions or not, your choice. They treat you more like an adult IMO, which I appreciate. Also, TDE has become so crowded lately that you rarely get a clean lap in in any session. TDE also has a bit of the "good 'ol boy" syndrome IMO. People who just happen to show up to their events all the time move up the ability groups regardless of talent level. Whereas, good drivers with experience in other clubs get stuck in lower ability groups because they dont run as often with TDE. I ran in yellow with them the last time I was with them, and at least half the cars showed barely enough speed to keep up with the slow drivers in blue. I honestly think its dangerous putting drivers of such varying abilities in the same group, especially when the rationale for moving alot of the slower drivers up is simply due to attendance. I am all for everyone having their own learning curve, but you are putting these people at risk by moving them up before they are ready, regardless of the number of events they have participated in with that club. If I head back to the track, it will be either with NASA or MSC.

        I have never lost scheduled track time at a NASA event before, and usually they give you a 40+ minute session on Sunday, which is pretty intense!