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  • Austinites meet n greet

    I just wanted to get the thought mulling around about putting together some regular meet n greets for those living in the Austin area, (open to those oustide Austin as well) Maybe dinner, maybe lunch, maybe happy hour. Now, the thought is out there.......discuss among yourselves.

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    uhhh, that was supposed to be Austinites. sorry.


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      im game i tried this once before but kinda faded away. anyways we can round up everyone on a wed or sat night and go in a group to the local " street meets" at the vans autoparts at olhen and 183. they start at about 10pm or so but before that maybe do a lime creek road trip and a dinner? call if you want to speak in person or stop by my work which is the Custom Sounds on 183 NORTHside inbetween anderson mill rd and spicewoodsprings/McNeil right where the freeway begins-Brian shop# 335-2982 or cell 789-5945


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        I will be in Cali until Dec 1st but I am game after that.


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          If you watch the forums at, in the Texas forum, that's where we usually post get togethers, happy hours, etc. Please visit us there; seeing as not everyone in the Austin area is a member or visitor to this site, we post most of our happenings over there.

          Thanks, and we hope to meet up with you again soon!
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            Of course s2000atlanta...that makes perfect sense that all the Austin meet n greets would be posted there.


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              Originally posted by jfay
              Of course s2000atlanta...that makes perfect sense that all the Austin meet n greets would be posted there.
              I agree man. I have always wondered why people don't just come here since we have our own s2k site now and all. Weird. I for one almost never go to


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                The S2000 is a dedicated site for TX (mostly Central TX). You'd understand why we hang there if you were around when all the bannings started happening on S2Ki.

                Also, the User CP here doesn't work very well, since it doesn't show when threads you've started/contributed to have rec'd replies.

                Back to the original idea, I'm usually game for GTG's when I can fit them in my schedule, and am leading a Hill Country weekend drive 11/22-11/23, which promises to be lots of fun.

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