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Stepped down - SCRD/DFW Chapter director

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  • Stepped down - SCRD/DFW Chapter director

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to make a quick statement about why I stepped down from the SCRD & DFW CD positions...It is a very un-emotional decision, I'm not mad at anyone, there's no drama, I'm not being reactionary to's very simple, I've got a new job that is taking the 'computer life out of me' I have no desire to even look at our home computers when I get home...this job has put me in a position to be almost too wired; crack berry, laptop with an att card, wireless, VPN, etc...I just wouldn't feel good about myself if I continued in this position.

    There are way too many fantastic people in the DFW area and the SC Region and I don't think it's fair to all of our paying members for me to continue in those rolls..

    All that being said, we will 100% still plan our pool parties, BBQ's, we have full intention of having the DFW Christmas party (unless we do a SC Region party ) We're still planning on 'lake days' (if we can get the time off), 'beach days', etc...We have met some fantastic friends that I hope to have for the rest of our lives through this club, it's a great experience and that's not going to change!

    I appreciate everyone’s support and really are a great group of people, I can't emphasize that enough!

    And last, but not least, I know Sondra has thrown her name in the hat for the SCRD position, I can only believe she would have ran for the position if she didn't have plans to move, since those plans have been scratched she has stepped up...if the other two gentlemen who were running with me originally are not interested anymore, I 110% support Sondra!!

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    thomas!! we appreciate you stepping u in the first place. there have been alot of changes for you in the last month, all for the better tho. i wish you the BEST of luck in your new position and admire your committments to it and ur wife time at home is SUPER important when you have all these new changes going on. so go crack open a beer, and go hang out with Dani this weekend.

    one of these days ill crash ur pool party


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      Thomas! Best of luck with you! You need to throw a "Pork Day" for me when I hit up DFW one of these days


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        Thanks for stepping up Thomas! I'll echo what Michelle said since she did it so well. Also, I'll second Sondra's nomination. She came all the way to Houston today for Coop's birthday party, and that shows dedication to the kind of friendships that this club creates. I couldn't think of another person more qualified.

        I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see you and Dani at the lake!

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          Thomas, thanks for all you have done for the club! Oh and welcome to the wonderful world of IT support! Isn't it great being attached to your company with a high tech umbilical cord?
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            Thomas - thanks for all your contributions to the Club. Obviously, we are happy to hear that you will be sticking around in a less formal role.

            I'll be posting a seperate thread to see who is interested in the position so the BoD can make a well-informed choice.
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              Here's the link to the official thread about a replacement....

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              Please note that my posts are not personal attacks - they are my observations/opinions - your opinions may vary.