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FS: Ap1 wheels NEW BFG's

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  • FS: Ap1 wheels NEW BFG's

    Selling my 2003 ap1 wheels with BRAND new BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires all around. The tires have seen 50-80miles MAX. Bought brand new from discount tire company. The rims are in MINT condition, no scratches , scuffs, curbs ect ect. The rims are cleaned and waxed , clear coat is perfect. This car sits in the garage and is not daily driven , that is the reason for the low miles on the tires. I am currently looking to purchase a set of wheels so I have no need for them. I will post pics if needed and will be glad to show you the rims in person.

    Price - $600 and that is with brand new bfgs, basically you are getting free wheels.

    Located in Houston prefer local pickup.
    PM me for fastest response.
    Will also Trade for ap2 v1 wheels and I will throw in cash.

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    I need the wheels, but the shipping with tires to Philly would kill me.


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      Yeah you are the second person to ask me to ship, I can find out the weight of all 4 tires deflated with rims.


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        My 2ยข

        Best way to ship, take the wheels tires to a UPS Store, have them packed 2 wheels/tires per box so you end up with only 2-boxes for all 4. This will reduce the shipping cost to the buyer and UPS does a great job packing and does not cost very much at all when you consider they take the hassle out of it.

        BTW- taking the air out will not reduce the shipping cost, air does not weight much and with the air out the tires are not going to get much smaller...


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          Well taking air out will reduce the size of the wheel/tire combo , maybe not much but every bit counts... The boxes I have are not all that big so I will have to make them fit....


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            Had many pms mostly to ship the wheels...I will find out by Sat. what the shipping costs would be.

            Also if anyone has weighed out the stock wheels+tires please pm me so I can get an idea.


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              Estimate 100 to 125 for shipping.

              Might be interested. Depends on tire sizes.


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                The tires are pretty meaty compared to stock s02's give the car an agressive look.. I am at work right now but will call my girlfriend to check the sizes, sorry dont remember off the top of my head. Pics will also be emailed out Monday to anyone interested.