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FS: Red 2000 Honda Insight for sale

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  • FS: Red 2000 Honda Insight for sale

    Hi everyone. I have been "lurking" in this bulletin board for almost a year now and you have convinced me to buy an S2000. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am selling my Honda Insight. Please don't flame me for listing it here. I can not afford to own two cars and it being Houston, I don't need a Winter car. Let me list a little about it though...

    Red 2000 Honda Insight

    Vin: JHMZE1358YT001850

    Excellenent Mechanical and Physical shape (no dings or dents or scratches)

    I am the Original Owner

    5 speed

    50 to 70 miles per gallon (Put 10 gallons in and go between 500 to 700 miles on a single tank!)

    All Aluminum Frame and Body panels! (Light! and will not rust)

    new 12v battery

    newer tires

    Timing Chain like the S2000, no replacement

    42,000 miles

    Digital Dash (should look familiar)

    tinted windows (light tint from the dealer)

    Automatic Climate Control for Heat and A/C

    Power Windows/locks/Mirrors

    Factory alarm

    Floor mats (including the hatch)

    JVC CD/MP3 player

    Wayland sound system

    Lots of smiles from other drivers!

    Car makes an excellent Winter car. I have known may owners that swear to it. Very little for maintenance, oil changes and tires.

    This car has been well maintained (I am the original owner) with oil
    changes every 3 to 4k miles and I have also done both the 15k and 30k mile service. This car has never had any problems. I
    have all service records. Excellent car with great gas mileage.

    I am asking $9,600 obo

    You may call me if you are interested at 713-449-6546 (Patrick) or just email
    me at patuww at yahoo dot com. I have many pictures.

    You can research it at Insight Central


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    Welcome to the board :hi2: .

    We look forward to hearing from you a little more often. So please do not be a stranger.
    Posting your car here is a great idea, there are many people who pass through and read the For Sale Forum and there are always S2000 owners looking for a second car.

    Glad to here we converted you to VTEC.