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Austin, TX - RPMIR - 12/18/03 @ 7:30pm

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  • Austin, TX - RPMIR - 12/18/03 @ 7:30pm

    RPM Indoor Raceway!
    Thursday December 18th at 7:30pm

    Come out and enjoy the fun. I haven't worked out a group rate at all, but it will depend on the number of people that attend. They are only open till 10 PM, but with two tracks, we should be able to get a few races in. A few coworkers and I will be going, and a few local S2000 people have put in their 'maybe's.

    If you haven't been before, it is very competitive, but more of a learning experience. If you just want to floor the gas and go straight, this isn't for you. But this is a great learning tool for skill building in autocross and even the track. You might not realize it but a few times out on the indoor karting circuit and you'll be faster out there on the roads.

    You don't need to bring a helmet or anything else. They have those there for you. The license will be 7 bucks and the race will depend on a discount. Typically, they are 20 bucks a race for 9 minutes. With a lap running you around 25 seconds, that's quite a bit of track time for 20 bucks. And yes, that WILL be enough for you. You will be tired, exhausted and sore if you haven't done this before. You can't get that kind of a bargain from a South Congress Hooker these days!*

    *unconfirmed since I haven't done this nor will I.

    Also, this place has beer for sale... oooh yea! The ONLY place in Texas that you can drink and drive! (not at the same time of course or else the track will get a little slick)

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    If someone wants to buy me an early Christmas gift of 2 new rear tires I'll be all over this. Unfortunately the baldies I am sporting now need to last me a bit longer so I don't think I can make this.


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      sounds fun ill try to make it i get off work at 7pm so i may be a little late thanks for the invite