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  • OCD much?

    I know alot of the s2ks on the board are daily's so this may not apply to you guys, but since my s2k is a weekend car I let my ocd run wild. Anyone else on the board go overboard with cleaning or attention to detail?

    2003 S2k - 14k miles

    I will start by giving a few examples:

    1. I wash and wax my car twice a week ( the car sits in a garage and is driven a few times a month )

    2. I clean the underbody of the car once every two weeks , or after a drive.

    3. To clean the wheels , I unmount the them to make sure and get ALL the dirt.

    4. Clean the inside of the exhaust tips far as a tooth brush can go

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    sounds like you need a benzodiazepine for your illness

    '65 Honda S600
    '02 Honda Mugen S2000
    '10 BMW E90 M3
    '15 Mini Cooper


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      I have used my "illness" as a productive tool.hahaha i dunno.


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        Well, I'm the OCD expert here (after all I'm Monk!) and I say you wash it too much when you should br driving it more !!!

        Mr Know-It-All !


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          I actually take the tips off the exhaust to clean them.....


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            I take the entire exhaust off after driving and use a massive pipe cleaner to clean inside and out. I usually do this after I floss the tread of my tires.

            I kid I kid, you guys are insane


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              We OCDers have to stick together !


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                Originally posted by bimdub View Post
                I actually take the tips off the exhaust to clean them.....

                you gave me a new idea. Thank you.