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  • OEM Spoiler/Splitter

    I have just recently purchased a 2007 S2000. I am considering adding the OEM spoiler but would like to get a good picture of one looks like on the car before making the purchase.

    I live between San Antonio and Boerne and would like to know if there are other S2000 owners in the area. Thanks.


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    If you're talking about the front "lip" look here:

    (Click for bigger picture.)

    If you're talking about the rear "spoiler/wing", look here:

    If you're talking about the rear "spoiler/lip", look here:


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      OEM Spoilers

      Many thanks. I like both the front and rear spoilers and may purchasing both of them as Christmas presents to myself. Has your held up as you would like them to?


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        Both front lip and rear wing has held up just fine. After all, they are OEM Honda and were made for the car. Just don't drive the front into a parking block.


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          Are they functional, or only for looks?


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            Originally posted by spinixguy View Post
            Are they functional, or only for looks?
            Lowering the frontal aspect to the wind by an inch won't do much for aerodynamics. To make any difference at the speeds this car usually travels, you'd benefit with lower the frontal area 3 or 4 inches, but then, you wouldn't be able to live with the constant scraping. You need to reduce the gap between the car and the ground to about an inch or less for full effect. Look at NASCAR. Those things are scraping the ground when they hit the slightest bump.


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              oem front lip, sides, and wing ftw i've had mine for only 3 months but no problems so far and i dont see why i would encounter any either


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                On my 01, I put on the AP2 front end, like your 2007. It has the OEM spoiler up front, but I've also added the lip protector splitter. It's this one here: Not a bad price, and it prevents the spoiler from being scraped up. However, it does reduce clearance.

                As for functionality of either - on highways or backroads going triple digit speeds, they are very small, and probably not too noticeable.