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Any tech days/maint. parties here in Austin soon?

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  • Any tech days/maint. parties here in Austin soon?

    My 30K maint is coming up and I want to do all this stuff myself. Would love to watch and learn from a fellow local first.

    Here's my list of things to-do:

    - Oil change (Mobil 1 10W-30 / 5.2 qts)
    - Tranny fluid bleed (GM Synchromesh Friction Modified / 1.6 qts)
    - Brake & Clutch bleed (ATE superblue / ~1 qt for both)
    - Diff bleed (LE 607 /0.8 qt)
    - replace air filter *
    - replace cabin filter *
    - lube all rubber seals with Shin-Etsu grease *

    * = can already do these items on my own

    I know there are plenty of DIY guides online, but I think it would be more instructional AND fun to do all of this with company.


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    Wow...not a single response.

    I was "forced" to do all that maint. with a corvette buddy of mine.



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      Sorry about that Deep. You should just look me up next time some wrenching comes around. Over the past week, I've done a bit of work on my car and others (non-S's) and would be willing to help you with anything you didn't take care of. All the stuff you mentioned is cake to do, with the exception of the wrenches required for the diff - those I do not have, and usually borrow them from Tuan.