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Removed the seat for better ergonomics

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  • Removed the seat for better ergonomics

    I am still laughing about this: I pulled out the stock seat to see about fitting an old corbeau for better driving position. (I'm 6'5") So, to get a feel for the baseline, I sat in the car without a seat and all of a sudden, everything fit! The pedals were right, the wheel didn't hit my knee, guages were visible at last, even had a few mm of space overhead. The back wall was actually comfortable after removing the two little clothes hooks. Besides needing a way to attach the seat belt, it was almost perfect.

    I may get an expanding soft foam kit for race seats and just use it directly over the floor. Saves the cost of a new seat, brackets, new wheel, hub, and spacers. Keep the air bag and cruise control too!

    And I'll never lose any change under the new "seat" either. Lol.

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    If you put in a Taitec seat rail and a seat you find comfortable, it might suit you. Taitec is lowest and strongest seat rail you can get. And it slides with a Recaro Pro F1 SPG back to the clothes hooks just as an example.

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      I am also 6"5" and have been working on seat position for some time, I have modified my stock seats with a lower seat rail and had the botton cushion made removeable so that I can st on the floor when I go to the track. It works for me,
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        Well, I just took it for a little shake down run and it is better than I first thought. Left elbow now rests comfortably inside, window switches are accessible, radio even sounds better. Traffic signals visible with top up.

        And talk about seat-of-the-pants experience! This is better than any seat at any price. I am literally wearing this car like a set of track shoes.


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          It is 45 degrees outside and I am going out right now to drive it some more. I swear I can give my hips a shake and break the rear wheels out exactly when I want them to. Forget seats. This is IT!