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24 Hours of LeMons 2010 (events in Texas)

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  • 24 Hours of LeMons 2010 (events in Texas)

    Here's the list of the LeMons events for tracks around Texas.

    Feb 20tj-21st - MSRH Houston, TX
    May 1st-2nd - The Circuit at Grand Bayou, Belle Rose LA (close enough to TX)
    June 5th-6th - Eagles Canyon Raceway Decatur, TX
    Sept 11th-12th - MSRH Houston, TX
    Nov 20th -21st - The Circuit at Grand Bayou, Belle Rose LA (close enough to TX)

    Many othere events around the country here:

    This is the cheapest form of wheel to wheel racing you'll experience. If you have the opportunity, do it. Sign up on the forums if you want to get a ride in another person's sh!t box. Any questions on fees, equipment, etc, you can direct here or on the LeMons forums.

    I'll be hitting a few of them in this gorgeous WagoVan. Anyone else?

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    I was running w/ the "State Pooper" yesterday @ Harris Hill. It's an old late '80's era Mustang 5.0 coupe w/ DPS paint scheme and roof lights. It was fun barreling up on what looked like a cop car and blowing right by it!

    I'd love to do this in the future, but I don't think 2010 is my year to start.

    '13 Civic Si sedan
    '08 Ridgeline RTL
    '02 Z06


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      Not the year to start? What do you mean? You just need some nomex goodies and a ride.


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        So want to do this...just don't have the time / space to build one.

        Would be willing to travel to participate in a S2KCA team.
        "No, there is no terrible way to win. There is only winning. "

        "When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting. "

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        2007 TL Type S
        2008 TSX


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          You can find others who have the time or even a prepped car and join their team. Especially in the last three weeks prior to a race, teams have members who drop out.


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            Mostly Harmless Racing will be at the Feb MSRH Race.

            We're also planning to be at the may race in LA, and the fall race at MSRH. Unsure about the summer. May do Eagles Canyon, or the Chumpcar TMS or Harris Hill races.


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              Good luck next week Zach!

              Dirty Some Beaches will not be in this race. We will be at Eagle's Canyon, which is the wagovan's home track.


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                So just to update. We did much better this time. Came in 45th, 57 laps behind the race leader, after losing about 70 minutes to mechanical issues on Saturday. By Sunday we were dialed in and kept the car on the track all day. We didn't break anything too bad, so it looks like we'll be at No Problem in May!

                The car is faster than it was before, but still pretty slow - best lap for the weekend was a 2:15.9 There was only one car ahead of us that was slower though, so I consider it a pretty successful outing.

                Hopefully we'll be able to get past the little issues that plagued us this race and stay on track the entire time at the next race

                Oh - and find 15 more horsepower somewhere. We were eating people up in the corners (DL1 said 1g!), but just didn't have the straightaway speed. A little more umph and we might be a contender.


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                  We're in final preparations for the race in Louisiana this weekend. Leaving Friday morning.


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                    Good luck out there Zach! I expect to see lots of pictures!


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                      How about a lot of press?

                      Yes, a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia with a Hitchhiker's Guide theme defied the odds and took the 2010 Cain't Git Bayou 24 Hours of LeMons Index of Effluency trophy.

                      I didn't even take my camera - but I'm sure there will be plenty of pics of the car. I'll gather them over the next couple of weeks and put a gallery up on the blog.


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                        Awesome! Congrats Zach!


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                          hahaha good job guys. I have waaay more pictures of your car that i will have to get posted.


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                            great job guys... are u gonna be doing any of the chumpcar events?


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                              Some vague discussions about Hallet, but nothing concrete. I'm not sure we'll have the car rebuilt before then.

                              I'll be joining another team for the ECR LeMons race next month.


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                                Leaving tomorrow for Eagle's Canyon - I'll be joining these insane fools:

                                My favorite thing about working for the 24 Hours of LeMons is experiencing the completely stupid engine swaps done by so many teams. From a ghettocharged 351W in an XR4Ti to a V65 Magna-powered Honda Z600, they're all winners!

                                Not sure what I'll be driving - they're bringing 3 cars. But they are all almost this ridiculous.


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                                  Leaving tomorrow as well... see you in the pits! Just look for the Civic WagoVan!


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                                    The WagoVan only managed 47th at ECR this weekend. Nearly 5 hours in the pits repairing and replacing the entire brake system (sans lines) on Saturday bumped us down quite a bit. First driver on Sunday hadn't been on a track before, but after thirty minutes he managed two black flags. One penalty - we had to buy some ice for the penalty area. Second penalty - our flamingo mounted on top of the surfboard was replaced with a pig by the archangel. Everything seemed to be going great.

                                    I took in the last hour and a half in the car - and being the only one without a coolsuit, I wondered, would that 139 dollar hanes t-shirt with silly tubes be worth it for this hour and a half? Yea, it would have. The camelbak was great, but only provided hot water at temps equal to my body temp. My suit was soaked through with sweat, even through the seat. It was ridiculously hot out there.

                                    I had some good battles out there, and was also passed by many of the faster cars, especially the Taurus SHOs. The brakes worked, but then, all of a sudden, the car started dying. It was a familiar feeling, one we had in Houston a year ago. The car just dies on left hand turns. Not even a sputter. I conserved as much as I could, but I couldn't help solve the miscalculation. During the last lap of the race, coming out of turn three, I pulled off track. The fuel delivery problem prevented me from crossing the checkered flag in the distance.

                                    A great time as always. There was also one car that only lasted 10-11 laps: a mid 80's Mustang powered by an SHO engine. Yes, engineering greatness!

                                    Pictures... here's are a few, more are coming their way throughout the day on flickr here:

                                    Here's Zach and their car:


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                                      Looks like I'll be planning a trip to Thunderhill in CA for the sweat-a-palooza. Such a fun track.


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                                        It's that time again. Time for another Texas LeMons race at MSRH. I'll be driving some car on some team this time, both of which I have yet to meet. The last time I did the anonymous meetup, the car arrived with a gastank not in the car 30 minutes after the race began, and the car eventually caught fire in the pits. But with these guys that I'll be working with... they have incredible mechanical ability.

                                        Zach, will you be going?

                                        Anyone else?