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Buying track day photos, which way do you prefer?

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  • Buying track day photos, which way do you prefer?

    Hello all. I'm requesting some feedback on a few different ways of buying track day photos. I hope to incorporate the feedback into the next event I photograph.

    Digital files are the big seller and that is probably no surprise. And those sales seem to fall into two camps. One camp buys an event CD by picking out one image of them and buying the CD. I locate the other images of that car, burn the disc, print the surface, mail the disc. From a value perspective it can't be beat as the cost-per-image is very low. The second camp buys 1 or 2, maybe 3 individual digital files that they pick out themself. The cost per image is higher, but they get instant gratification because the images get sent to them nearly immediately after purchase. But it would be cost prohibitive to buy 20 images that way.

    What if I put in a volume price break that would make purchasing 20 digital images for direct download nearly identical to the CD price, but without the waiting for the disc to arrive in the mail? One caveat is that you need to locate all the images yourself. The upside is instant gratification. And, you can choose any images you want, even going in with a buddy.

    Thoughts? Votes? Thanks.
    Mail a CD, let me find your remaining images for you
    Give me a large price break on instant downloads and I'll find my own pics