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Harris Hill 8/21-22 photos up!

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  • Harris Hill 8/21-22 photos up!

    After a brief gotcha last night (one missed setting kept the Saturday galleries hidden until very early this morning, whoops!) the photos from this weekend's event at Harris Hill Road are now up!

    My main page has two links, one to the Saturday galleries, one to the Sunday gallery:

    Saw several S2000's and two NS-X's out there, which is always good to see! Plus a few special purpose cars, including a British Noble, a Beck Lister, and another car that looked similar to a Lotus Seven (but was not).

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    Some samples. More at and


    1. 1/80 at 280mm

    2. 1/160 at 280mm - interesting story behind the "IROC-Z" sticker on this Porsche. And he has a Flying Chicken decal saved for a later date!

    3. 1/80 at 255mm

    4. 1/80 at 280mm

    5. 1/80 at 280mm

    6. 1/80 at 280mm - "whatcha hauling in there?"
    [img] 1_10_1&dir=galleries/13/2/1&file=20100821_6399_medium.jpg[img]

    7. 1/100 at 280mm

    8. 1/160 at 280mm


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