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  • Mercury Photography, medical leave, big sale

    Well, its come to this. My recovery from spinal surgery is not going as fast as I would hope, though it doesn't seem to surprise the doctors. Guess I'm just expecting too much.

    I'm now considering all of 2011 to be a bust for me, photographically. I'll re-evaluate in early 2012, see at what point my symptoms stabilize at, and whether getting back into serious photography will be an option or not. Fingers crossed. But until then I'm keeping the site up until the end of September and then pulling it down. Inbetween now and then I'm drastically reducing the prices on my 2010 archive of images. Digital files, prints on paper, prints on metal, collages and such. If you have wanted a collage or a metal print now is the time!

    Thanks to everyone who is a past customer or a past visitor to the site. And I hope to be back at some point in the future.

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    sorry to hear. Hope you get better!

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      Recovering sucks Done it 3x (different surgery tho) and now they want to do another. NO! Chinese herbs it is for me!! Better work too.

      Anyway, hang in there and get well soon!!


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        Thanks everyone!

        I've finally decided that I need to take advantage of the physical therapy the surgeon suggested. It will be on the neck. Yes, symptoms are in the hand but the nerve damage, as well as the weak muscles, are in the neck, so the PT goes there.

        The other big news is the guys running Exposure Manager heard of my plight and have extended my website subscription by 6 months for free! Since I'm not going to be uploading any new images (very likely) I won't be putting any additional resource drain on their system. And if I recover fully I'll be back to uploading and selling images again.

        I've been with Exposure Manager for quite some time now. Its things like this, how they treat their customers and how they treat my customers, that make it worth twice the money paid.


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          Ya exactly, if someone physically not well definitely they move to physician and get the advantage in suggestion.
          And what i am doing whenever i feel physically unhappy so on the very same movement i just move to pathology for medical check-up....!


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            Physical therapy went quite well. Hand numbness is better. I was highly encouraged to get the wrist re-evaluated with the neurologist to see if what lingers is just from the surgery, possibly permanent nerve damage in the spine from the severe compression, or is the beginnings of carpal tunnel. The former not much to do about, but the latter could be fixed if caught early (i.e. as in now). Have my appointment later today!

            I am SO READY to get all this behind me and back to the camera!


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              Glad to hear you're making progress. Good luck


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                Thanks, Tony. And nice King Crimson avatar.


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                  Getting "electrocuted" by the nuerologist again this afternoon to get more info on me. Fingers crossed.


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                    Good news is I'm showing obvious signs of nerve regeneration in the neck, thus the surgery was mostly a success. But my hand symptoms are not 100% and they were traced to an issue with a main nerve as it runs through the elbow. It should be solvable without surgery though, provided I be a good boy and listen to the doctor. Part of that means not using the elbow in certain ways that stress that nerve, and that includes an arm position that I get into during photography. Doc said no photography for at least two months, when I have my next follow-up. After that we'll see.

                    What's happening is the nerve is slowing down by 50% as it travels through my elbow. Above it, and below it, the nerve is transmitting at 60 meters/second, but through the elbow only at 30. That's a big, big drop in transmission speed. But its showing mostly damage to the nerve's outer protective layer and not the nerve itself.

                    Sucks to still be grounded from the camera. But good to hear the neck is fine and that we know why my hand is still acting up.