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2012 Autocross Season: SASCA & SPOKES

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  • 2012 Autocross Season: SASCA & SPOKES

    Welcome to the 2012 Autocross Season!

    This first post will be updated regularly now so you don't have to go to the last post.

    Next SASCA Event #2 : February 19, 2012 at Retama Park [ Register Here ]

    Next SPOKES Event #1 : February 5, 2012 at San Antonio Raceway [ Register Here ]


    2012 SASCA Schedule
    #1: January 29 - Retama Park
    #2: February 19 - Retama Park
    #3: March 4 - Retama Park
    #4: April 29 - Retama Park (Co-Event)
    #5: May 20 - Retama Park
    #6: June 24 - Retama Park
    #7: July 15 - San Antonio Raceway (Co-Event)
    #8: August 12 - Retama Park
    #9: September 16 - San Antonio Raceway (Co-Event)
    #10: October 14 - Retama Park
    #11: November 11 - Retama Park
    #12: December 9 - Retama Park

    2012 SPOKES Schedule
    #1: February 5 - San Antonio Raceway
    #2: February 26 - San Antonio Raceway
    #3: March 25 - San Antonio Raceway
    #4: April 29 - Retama Park (Co-Event)
    #5: June 3 - San Antonio Raceway
    #6: June 24 - Retama Park (Co-Event)
    #7: July 15 - San Antonio Raceway (Co-Event)
    #8: August 12 - Retama Park (Co-Event)
    #9: September 16 - San Antonio Raceway
    #10: October 7 - San Antonio Raceway
    #11: November 4 - San Antonio Raceway
    #12: December 2 - San Antonio Raceway

    SASCA :: March 3 - Novice School - Retama Park

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    Registering for Events
    1. Register an account at
    2. Navigate to My Controls > My Garage
    3. Click Insert Car to add your car to your garage, you will use this to register for events (you will have separate cars in your garage for SASCA and SPOKES events). If you have questions on car classing or PAX just send me a PM and I'll help you out. You can always change these later.
    4. Save your cars for SASCA and SPOKES.
    5. Navigate to Events Calendar and find SASCA and SPOKES events in the dropdown. If you have issues registering a car for an event just send me a PM and I'll get you taken care of.

    You pay at the event, not online. You don't have to register online but it makes your check-in at the event go much quicker for you as well as the event coordinators. SASCA/SPOKES members must be registered online to receive the member discount at the event.


    Strict Schedule at the Events (,3625.0.html )

    Anatomy of an Autocross:


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      Common Questions Asked

      What class do I run in?

      Mostly-stock S2000s run in B-Stock or BS. Here are the allowable mods...
      - Any brake pads.
      - Up to 2-way adjustable shocks, you must keep the stock springs and the stock ride height.
      - Can change out the front sway bar only. Cannot modify the rear sway bar.
      - Stock wheels or wheels that have the same diameter and width as stock wheels; offset can be within 5% of stock.
      - Drop-in air filter but you must keep the stock air-box.
      - Must retain stock header and catalytic converter but you can remove or change out the cat-back exhaust.
      - R-Compound tires (ex: Hoosier A6) can be used and size doesn't matter as long as it fits on the stock wheels.
      - If you are running Tire PAX the treadwear must be 140 or greater.

      If you have yours slightly modified for street you can run in Street Touring Roadster or STR. This is the class I run and allowable mods...
      - Any brake pads.
      - Any spring, shock, ride-height height combination.
      - Any front and/or rear sway bar.
      - You can run up to 9" width for wheels.
      - You can run up to 255 width for tires but the treadwear (UTQG) must be 140 or greater.
      - Header, cat, and cat-back can be changed out; you can remove the cat-back completely if you wish.
      - You must retain some form of a catalytic converter be it the stock one or a high-flow cat.
      - You can change out suspension bushings but they must not have any more metal content than OEM ones.
      - Camber joints are allowed.
      - Race seats are allowed but the seat and rail must be at least 18 lbs combined.
      - Harnesses are allowed but ONLY if you have a rollbar to mount them to. Stock roll-hoops don't count and neither do seat-bolt locations.
      - Rollbars are allowed only if you retain the factory interior; you may cut the interior to allow fitment.
      - You can reflash the ECU but must retain the stock unit; rules are being worked on to help out AP1s so stay tuned on that.

      If you have more modifications than the classes above or some that break the rules then you are most likely in B-Street Prepared (BSP) or F-Prepared (FP). If you are running boost you will most likely be in Super Street Mod (SSM) For that I point you to the 2011 SCCA Solo Rulebook @


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        Yesterday's event was awesome. We had 117 drivers. Ricky, Adolfo, Jourdan, and myself were there from Centex. We need more of you out there! I think I saw 2 suzuka blue, one yellow, and Jason's black CR (but he doesn't post here I believe)




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          Don't forget, SASCA has an event tomorrow at Retama Park. Come on out and enjoy because it's supposed to be dry and reach a high of 66ยบ!