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Machine shops in DFW area

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  • Machine shops in DFW area

    Still negoitating with the local dealer over the sad 2000 I posted but in the mean time I've discovered there is no local machine shop that can deal with the F20C! It can be done but using the local Honda dealer subbed out.

    Anybody have first hand experience with a good shop in the DFW area that I can contact once I figure out what they did to this engine?

    Not stuck on the DFW area but since I will have to truck the motor/parts; Austin, San Antonio, Houston all work. Not much difference in the grand scheme of things.

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    I have a machine shop in Houston that works with S2000 engines. I was sent there by they guy that works on many of the S2000s in Houston. I am using them for my P car head.

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