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  • Texas Car Meet

    There are car meets in Waco TX every Friday and Saturday. All cars are welcome. And tell your friends. It is NOT a little get together with finger foods and punch. There is NO admission. It is a straight up street racing meet. If you do not want to race, you park your car along the street for people to come by and look at. Everyone from 66 lincolns to Ford GTs, Covettes, and Porches go. It is a long street called Valley Mills Dr. With lots and lots of red lights. You can either pull up to the light and launch or you have plenty of room in between to roll off. It is called the VALLEY and cops ARE there, but they dont care what you do. They just cruise around and wait for a wreck, someone doing drugs, etc. We need to set up a date where everyone can go on the same day. It is fun. My and my friends go every weekend. There are cool cars, hot chicks, hicks in 4X4 doing donuts. It is awesome. So if yall are interested or have any questions PM.