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Want a rio yellow spoiler? I don't, let's switch trunk lids.

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  • Want a rio yellow spoiler? I don't, let's switch trunk lids.

    I live in Houston, and if you want a rio yellow spoiler (the factory one that stands off the trunk, not the one with the lip) it is yours.

    Obviously you can't have dents, or crappy paint etc...
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    man, I am getting no love on this .

    Anyone think of a better place to pimp my spoiler switch, or you guys think I would be better off trying to sell if outright and have the hole plugged?


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      or put a different spoiler on


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        eh, I thought about the other oem spoiler, but it doesn't cover the front holes :-\.

        Ahhh well, I'll put it in my sig when I sign up for membership, maybe I will get lucky. Otherwise I will take it to a body shop when I get around to it.


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          you can probably plug it then


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            Maybe you could see if you could find a used rio yellow S2k without one for sale. See if they will swap out with you. You know everybody wants to make a buck if somebody is giving something away. Just a thought!


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              That isn't a bad idea, when life gets a little more calm I may try that.

              Thanks for the heads up.