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(ATX) Upcoming Events for November & December 2015: Dinners and Drives

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  • (ATX) Upcoming Events for November & December 2015: Dinners and Drives

    S2000 Enthusiasts and Friends!

    The weather this year has been bizarre… we’ve had to delay drives, we lost lots of attendees at the BBQ B’Fast drive and the K1 Speed event due to threatening rain and rolling black clouds; and now the weather this month looks pretty bad. But we’re moving ahead anyway!

    November 4th: Our monthly dinner this week, rain or shine, Wed Nov 4, 6:30 p.m., Stiles Switch – Lamar. Everyone here should have received an email from Tim who is organizing our dinner this month. Confirm here on this forum. And like all our dinners, friends are welcome no matter what the car.

    November 5th: we’re going to Cobb Tuning First Thursday – weather permitting. If you haven’t been to this monthly event, you are missing a great evening with free food and all makes and models of cars – not just those tuned by Cobb. You’ll see some pretty cool stuff here most months, and we’ve done well with S2000 attendance too. This is an informal free show, gets started around 6:30 and runs until 8 or 9. Come for a few minutes, or stay for the duration and see what comes and goes.

    November 8th: the monthly Cars and Coffee car show at The Oasis – weather permitting. 300-400 cars every month. Informal, free.

    November 14th: it’s time to hit the roads again for a nice long drive, weather permitting. IF the weather holds, we’ll head west this time, getting the group photo and then stopping in Burnet for lunch (at a new place for us), then continue on thru Marble Falls, Willow City Loop, and on to Fredericksburg in time for shopping and before dinner at a German place. It’s your choice of a half day or full day – if you can only join us for the morning you can finish your day in Burnet, or continue on to the end. Confirm here on this forum.

    December 2, Wed.: holiday dinner – rain or shine. We have the place and will announce soon. This will be much better food than the usual hamburger (!), but still not expensive. Group seating in a reserved room with space for everybody and good parking out front.

    December TBD:
    we’ll repeat the BBQ B’Fast drive to Snows BBQ – weather permitting. Snows is one of the top 5 in Texas (and that means in the world), and since it is only open on Saturday morning, it’s a BBQ breakfast for us all. The BBQ starts to run out around 10 AM, so we’ll leave very early, eat early, and you’ll be back in Austin by 10 for your regular day. Do you think you’ve eaten the best BBQ in Central Texas? You have not, until you’ve gone to Snows.

    December TBD: It’s time to go to K1 Speed again to get in some fast laps for the holiday – rain or shine. We’ll choose an evening in the first half of the month and hit the track for some fast laps… or if not driving then join us anyway to cheer on your fellow club members.

    See you soon!
    Grasshopper123 – 2003 GPW
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    Sounds great, Alex! It looks like I will either miss the Cars and Coffee this weekend or the drive next weekend. Need to make my way out to the ranch for some deer hunting in the next two weeks. Thanks for organizing all of this in one place!



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      Thanks, glad you like the idea of organizing all in one place. I have a date now for Dec dinner, Wed. Dec 2, which I will announce at tomorrow's dinner. Thanks for organizing tomorrow's dinner!!!

      Also, I hope you guys can make the drive, or see you at C&C!


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        I'm planning on getting out to Cars & Coffee this week. The only question is: will I be bringing a white S2k or a white CRX? Seeing as how the S2k has some seats and a horn that need to be installed it likely will be the CRX.

        Anybody else headed out to C&C? If the weather is anywhere near as nice as this week has been thus far it should be a great turn out with lots of cars.



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          We are trying to make it to C&C this Sunday. Hopefully Jeff and I will be there! If we do, we will keep a look out for you!