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30 days before selling wheels?

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  • 30 days before selling wheels?

    So do I really have to be a member for 30 days before selling?!
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    Where is local? You need to provide more detail.

    You should talk to your local chapter director for advise/assistance. Preferably as a PM. Once you have a solution, then post to the correct ''local'' area.

    the rule for being online for 30 days was to prevent unscrupulous individuals from posting items for sale, taking cash, and ditching the buyer. The thirty day period is for YOU to introduce yourself to the members and be a part of this community.

    If all you want to do here is sell your stuff and disappear, I recommend that you try craigslist.
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      Oh right, location is St. Pete, FL. Cool Ill PM my local chapter director, thanks. And yes they are on Craigslist,, Tampa, etc.


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        Yes, you have to follow the rules on this site as well if you want to sell items.
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