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Last Atlanta tuning event, February 26-28th

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  • Last Atlanta tuning event, February 26-28th

    S2katlanta is hosting its last tuning event this February 26-28th. Holy Roller Dyno is closing shop after providing so much to the local and international s2k community. They are one of the few shops with enough knowledge of the s2k to be able to tune using the Emanage Ultimate. They also are a pro level tuner for the AEM EMS and were responsible for the base map that AEM distributes.

    It is hard to sum up the difference that a tune can make but dyno graphs might be the best way.
    Some think Honda didn't leave much room but in the right hands there is plenty of power and extra drivability to add to the car.

    Here are two tuned cars. The ap2 2007 has an exhaust and one step colder plugs.
    The ap1 has a rick's header, test pipe, t1r exhaust and one step colder plugs.


    If you look close you can see a nice 5 hp spike at around 3500rpm. This is vtec engaging then disengaging and engaging again at ~4200.
    We determined more power was available by using the high cam turning it off and back on!

    To sign up you will need to post on s2katlanta. It is free and a first come first serve event. We will be asking for a deposit once we finalize a date since HolyRoller dyno has to drive from New Hampshire down to Atlanta.

    Signup thread on s2katlanta: S2katlanta signup page

    Website for tuner: Holy roller dyno