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My AP1 Stolen in Sanford, FL Feb 26th 2014

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  • My AP1 Stolen in Sanford, FL Feb 26th 2014

    My AP1 was stolen from in front of a residence in Sanford, FL while I was visiting from North Carolina last Wednesday, February 26th.

    The vehicle was locked and within earshot; the thieves made no noise when they took the car.

    It is a 2001 Silverstone AP1 with no front lip or spoiler, soft top, and no other distinguishing features other than 16" Enkei Wheels nearly the same color as the car. North Carolina plates "O2BSKDVN."

    It has been my daily driver since December of 2007 and it is a significant loss.

    Police report rests with Sanford, FL Police Department. If you see it, please call 911 and drop me a line at [email protected] . In the meantime I am combing Craigslist for new parts-for-sale listings, etc.


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    Damn dude, that really blows, especially because you were just visiting. Good luck in finding them. There are a few members on here along with me that I'm sure wouldn't mind busting some ankles if we find the thief or thieves.


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      man that sucks! Will keep an eye out [on craigslist et. al]

      What was the mileage on the car?


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        About 176000


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          My take on this is I certainly hope those responsible for this violation die horribly and very soon! I will not abide auto theft! Heres to you getting her back and catching the bastards!


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            If I recall there was another S2000 stolen in Sandford a while back. Sorry to hear this, I hope you get the best you can from your insurance. It's amazing how fast they can steal these cars and no one notices it. Best of luck going forward.


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              I am so sorry to hear about the theft. I live in GA and it is always possible that they are headed this way. Will keep an out for them.

              May their bowels become so full they blow themselves up internally, but not in your car... Let's get these aholes!


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                Special place in hell for those types of people..