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Monthly moving meets

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  • Monthly moving meets

    This month's meet will be here:

    Atlanta Chapter Meet & Greet

    All of the details are in the link above. Please post in the linked thread if you will be attending.
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    Well here is my attempt to redeem the FAIL FACTOR of this thread.
    Here are a few pics I took as we all gathered around the cars before
    going our separate ways.

    I just hope this is the right spot. If not, well.......NOOB I get one free pass.


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      Well Well Well....Another perfect day in the S2K. I had a blast. Also as I said last month, it was great to meet you all, and it was great to meet the others that showed up this month.

      With that said...I am ready for April and some BBQ.
      Now on to the pics....

      My main intention today other than the meet, was to help Austin with the Indy Decals for his car, good thing too, I got a free burger from it. Thanks Austin.

      Before the decals.....

      After the Decals.....

      Thats Right....Wash My Window BIATCH !!!

      So this ends another monthly edition of S2000 Show and Tell.
      Tune in next month when we here ScaredPassenger say....
      "Man I missed the meet, and JayKnight had my $5"


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        Originally posted by Stroker View Post
        Leaving home now... we have a long drive... see you all as soon as we get there.... Wifey is coming
        Love the smiley....perfect depiction of how our wifes act in the passenger seat.

        Originally posted by xyster View Post
        Well I made it to Franklin Rd. and then my damn water pump went out on the LS1. So there we were in a funeral home parking lot under their carport staying dry until my buddy brought us a new water pump and 30 min. later we were all fixed . So we decided to go home and have him follow for a little while to make sure all was good and it was. I wish we could have made it but at least it went out tonight and not next Friday on my way to the photo shoot. We will be going to caffeine and octane on the 5th.
        Glad you got it fixed, I too will be at C&O next weekend. We will have to meet up and roll in together. Looking forward to seeing
        your S2Vette !!!

        Now on to the good stuff. Tonight was a good time. Met a future action hero, and saw some old friends, and made some new ones.
        Thanks to Evan for the Alpine and Modifry DCI. As always, I had a great time. Only thing that was bad, the rain. Good thing it stopped
        after dinner, and I saw lots of tops go down on the ride home. Looking forward to the next one.

        There were not too many cars there so there are not too many pics. Hopefully next month there will be more.
        Well here they are. Not too many, but better than none at all. Enjoy...............

        Later !!!


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          Oh, I'm sure it stayed in place. That box was in so tight! My concern for you was the grease that might have dripped through of the box.

          I regret walking out without ordering a Jumbo though...that pizza was the closest NY pizza I've had outside of NY/NJ. If we don't goto that place again as a group, I'm taking the drive back up there just to eat that pizza again!! It was good to see everyone that had come out.


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            Home from a long day. Looking forward to the BBQ/Drive.
            Had dun today, and was nice too see you all again, and meet the new guy.
            Met a S2K Noob at Barrett Pkwy Starbucks, so hopefully we will see him on here soon.
            Here are the few pics I took, so enjoy them.

            VOTE FOR PEDRO !!!

            Tony putting his junk in the trunk !!!

            So til next time.....Keep the top and wheels down.
            Later !!!


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              OK. That is it. I am done with reloads. I am out of gunpowder and primers. Here is what I got:

              100 Rounds of .45

              150 or so Rounds of .38

              And 430+ Rounds of 5.56mm

              For those going tomorrow, Remember to bring your ear and eye protection.


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                Lets revive this thread!


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                  Originally posted by Stroker View Post
                  Lets revive this thread!
                  Find some place interesting for all of us to go to.


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                    Top of thread updated with meeting details.


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                      This is the day after black Friday. Any suggestions on where to go?