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Broken Hardtop Glass

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  • Broken Hardtop Glass

    Last week a woman and her uncle were tossing rocks at each other in the VA hospital parking lot in Tampa when one tossed by her landed squarely in the center bottom of my hardtop rear window. It completely shattered the glass.

    The parking lot attendants alerted the VA police, who cited her for trespassing on government property.

    Contacted Hardtop Guy to find out whether you can just replace the glass, but my insurance company was way ahead of me. They sent a rep out to look at the car this week. After their okay, I took the car to the body shop, where they removed the hardtop and spent all day vacuuming up as much loose glass as they could. Left the hardtop with them so they could order a new rear window and fit it.

    That rear glass is very expensive, much more so than the windshield. It is also very fragile, being tempered, not safety, glass.

    I can still hear glass rattling around in the car whenever I hit a bump or take a curve, but I can't find any. It must be hidden by interior trim panels.

    I'd post pics, but I can't figure out how on our new website.