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Fender rolling shop recommendation in SoCal

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  • Fender rolling shop recommendation in SoCal

    Ok, so I need a recommendation for a shop to roll my rear fenders on my 03 S2k. They still rub at full compression with a 255/35-18 on 8" wheel with 40 offset. They're fine in everyday driving.

    I can go anywhere in the Inland Empire, LA, OC area.

    Or should I risk dong it myself?

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    shop in STANTON is expensive but they do a good job.
    look them up.

    its a car stereo tint shop in O.C.


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      You've probably already gotten this handled, but just in case you haven't...

      Several years back I had a Miata on which I needed to have the front fender lips rolled. None of the local shops would do it for me. I ended up at Junior's House of Color in Bell Gardens. These guys are the best of the best. I don't even know why they agreed to do such a tiny little job since they are custom guys to the rich and famous. It *might* have been because I am female and back then was kind of cute and I was pretty much at wit's end trying to find someone willing to do the job and not butcher the car. It's possible they felt sorry for me. I only mention this because there is the possibility you might get there and they turn you away because they are too busy on "real" jobs. But if you can get these guys, they will do a righteous job.

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        You can also try most speed shops as they are usually looking to take on just about any job especially in this economy.


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          VIP status in torrance. The best. For cheap.