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New S2K owner, SoCal area chapters?

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  • New S2K owner, SoCal area chapters?

    Hello all,

    I am a new S2000 owner in Thousand Oaks, CA (closed the deal last Friday) and was looking for club activities in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and/or LA Counties. I remember seeing a pack of about a dozen S2000s in Oxnard getting on the 101 a few years ago, and based on that memory I always thought if I bought one of these amazing cars I would definitely get involved in a club. So here I am.

    Also I wanted to know if anyone had found an aftermarket part to replace the DCI panel (left of the steering wheel with the stock audio controls and start button) with a part that only has a start button. I bought a Pioneer deck and speakers and wanted to get a nice clean look without the audio controls which I find to be awkward. I know there is the Modifry kit out there to use the stock audio controls on aftermarket decks, but I guess I would prefer no DCI and to just use the controls on the deck itself. Any ideas?

    Thank you,
    Scott aka Feral

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    Welcome! Hope you're enjoying the new ride. Good choice! Not sure about replacing the DCI panel. All the S2000s you saw might have been us headed to Homecoming. We went right through Thousand Oaks. Unfortunately, it was a one off event. But, we do have S2KDays annually.

    All the regional forums are here. Technically, since you're in Ventura County, you'd be in the Central Coast Chapter, but since you're not that far from LA, there's also the Los Angeles Chapter. Might keep an eye on both forums for an upcoming event.

    Enjoy your new toy!