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LED Compatible Flasher for AP-1 Updated Rear Lights?

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  • LED Compatible Flasher for AP-1 Updated Rear Lights?

    After a Soccer mommy in a Sienna (on a cell phone of course) almost hit my NFR 2001 AP-1 while I'm stopped at a traffic light, I have decided to update the rear brake/taillight, back-up & turn signals incandescent bulbs with much brighter LED's. The problem seems to be that the Flasher unit will "hyper flash" and I am not finding one that is a "plug&play" set-up. In doing some searching I found one unit that had part of one side ground away to fit? I was looking to purchase from
    J'ss2k but they never seem to be in stock and I cannot get an Email response. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I haven't had much luck with LED's in the stock housings, something about the housing design doesn't lend itself to LED bulbs as much as conventional bulbs.

    The LED's I tried in the rear lights seemed to be dimmer for some reason so I took them out, the bulbs seemed brighter but they didn't work so well once they were in the housing. That was mainly for the rear brake and running lights. JS2K seems to be one of the few vendors that advertise LED"s that are brighter than stock as they appear in the housings.

    For the rear turn signal bulb I went to a conventional bulb that had yellow glass, and was made in Japan. It turned out to be brighter than the stock bulb. The stock bulbs are coated and they tend to emit less light from what I could tell. I can't remember the exact bulb I bought, it may have been Raybrig. The shape of the oem bulb base makes it hard to find in the aftermarket, the pins are at narrower angles than most aftermarket bulbs which are 180 degrees if I recall.

    I have a white LED bulb in the rear back-up lights, while it looks pretty once again the light output isn't much better. I had good success with the license plate LED bulbs though

    There may be better bulbs out there but the ones I tried didn't work as well as I expected.


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      I used a parallel LED resistor to remove the hyper-flash operation.

      Here's the DIY that I did on it on another S2000 forum.

      Interior / Audio / Electronics - Rear Blinker LED Conversion - Local Images - It seems that many folks were not able to see this LED resistor installation thread becasue they lack membership on the forum where I originally posted this. So, I've rebuilt it here. I'm in the process of converting my rear blinkers to LED....


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        Thanks for the information guys!


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          You may also be interested in one of my three mods, and the most valuable IMO, a flasher for the center trunk lid lamp. It flashes five times in about 1.2 seconds when you use the brakes. It's a small module -- I zip-tied mine to the underside of the trunk lid. Mine is over three years old, so I expect it to last. It was $20 at, SKU 44386. I love it.


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            Wouldn't the flasher for an AP2 work since AP2s have led rear signals?
            Just a thought.
            On second thought the signals may not be led.

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              I found a plug/play Novita flasher and got the LEDS for the AP-1....All I can say is HOLY $HIT! these new generation LEDS are easily 5 maybe 10x brighter than the stock incandescents! The back-up lights are amazing and don't just alert someone you are backing up but light the way behind the car for 15ft! Its almost like rear facing HL's

              Now to upgrade the 05 AP-2 ... though I understand one cannot replace the brake/tail light LED (just the back-up and amber turn signals) as this is a HONDA "assembly" anyone know if this is the case?

              Oh and thanks for the center flasher SPF=0 but I installed those on all my cars years ago!
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                any pics or links to the parts you used ?


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                  What I liked about this link is that they have a scroll down menu for the color and the type of base (or socket) for the bulb you are looking for.

                  Originally posted by zeroptzero View Post
                  any pics or links to the parts you used ?


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                    Thanks for the link


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                      I heard through the grapevine that Modifry was also working on something.


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                        Looks like he recently updated his website with a new product but it's a mod for your side marker lights, not something for the brake lights as I had originally thought.

                        Check out if you want to see what he is selling.