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Quick Jerome Drive September 4th

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  • Quick Jerome Drive September 4th

    Just checking interest in a quick drive up to Jerome on Monday. Leave in the AM (say 9ish from Wittman). Grab lunch and a beer in Jerome and come back. Probably back by 4 or 5pm depending which way we go.

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    I may do this. 4 or 5 pm return is a bit late for me. See who else is interested and we can talk and maybe leave early. Drive up to Jerome and then come back to Prescott for lunch. Then dash home down the hill again.
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      Didn't we just do this trip to Jerome?


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        We did indeed. Wasn't planning on going up to Flagstaff this time though. We should talk about alternatives for another time. Seems like this is too last minute plus long weekend to come together.


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          I got away from the household duties for one day, making plans to be home for all the work that's due this weekend at home. If you go, I wish you a good time.