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Introduction - New to S2kCA, but not the S2k

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  • Introduction - New to S2kCA, but not the S2k

    Hey all -

    Recently was relocated to DEN from the East Coast, where I was very involved with the Ohio/other East Coast S2ki chapter(s) for many years. I've had three S2000's over the course of the past 15 years (hard to believe it's been that long). Among a few other enthusiast cars, I brought my most recent S2k, a 2003 GPW/Tan with ~20,000 miles with me post-relocation to Colorado. Having made the mistake of parting with my others, I hope to have this one for the long-haul.

    Have seen very few S2000's in the Denver Metro area having been so used to seeing them on a daily basis in Central Ohio (Honda-Central). I had perused S2kCA, previously, but as the Rocky Mountain chapter on S2ki is pretty quiet, I figured I'd join S2kCA to hopefully keep up with what other S2k enthusiasts are up to, locally.

    With the move and a significant amount of work travel last year - I maybe put around 300 miles on the S2000 - but I'm hoping to change that this year keeping up with what your chapter is up to.

    Keep the shiny side up!


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    Welcome BW! Thanks for supporting the Club! I think most of the Mile High guys conduct their business on FB. You can try them there.

    "It's rocket science but it's well understood rocket science." - Naveen Jain

    2005 S2000 Silverstone Metallic - Fujita F5, ACT HDSS clutch, Work Emotion XD-9, Cobalt XR3 brake pads, Russell SS brake lines,
    Mugen reservoir socks, Modifry glove box organizer, factory headrest speakers, factory Ti shift knob, S2KCA logo throughout


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      Hey There, BW...I'm out in Parker and joined last year just before S2K days and had an awesome time meeting the other club members in TX. I have been on a drive with local Folks....very welcoming and friendly. I've got my 2001 (original owner) stored in garage ....and waiting for warmer weather to take it for spin and figuring out how to juggle work to make Southern CA in July ....hang in there, I'm sure things are looking up for 2018 activities....Suzanne


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        Thanks for the kind replies, Rocketman, Suzanne.

        I’m one of those weird millennials who’ve shunned Facebook and don’t have an account, so I’m hoping that doesn’t axe my possibility of finding out about future events.

        Ill look forward to the possibility of getting together woth the local group for some twisty mountain mountain road drives!


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          Welcome to the site.
          Happiness is a nice road, great weather, and driving the S with Sue in the seat next to me.

          "Whatever you do, where ever you go, enjoy the drive."

          I know for a FACT that the last year of production of the S2000 is 2003!!!!!
          After that, it will be the S2200 under an assumed name.


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            Welcome to the site. I am open for get together I am in the Springs but there are plenty of members in the Denver area that get together for track days and tech days. and quick drives.
            2003 S2000 Grand Prix white
            2010 Honda Accord EXL
            2012 Honda CRV EXL

            Join S2KCA today!
            Mile High Chapter


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              Thanks for the warm welcome(s) TLC & GoMarlins. Another GPW/Tan AP1; I like it! It's the combo I've always wanted - and it only took me a 02' Sebring/Black, and an 07' GPW/Red,Black to get to it. I'll look forward to getting together with you all this spring/summer.


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                Welcome. What were your other two S2000-'s like?
                2000 NFR - Tein in car adjustable coilovers, 2.2 liter bottom end, Hardtop, K-Pro Custom Roll Bar,
                Custom Brake Vents, Custom Mod to Stock Seat, Backyard Special Low Mount Seat
                Rail from Bulletproof Automotive Koyo Radiator, Oil Cooler


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                  Hi Speedracer. The other 2 S2000's were a lot of fun.

                  My first, the 2002 Sebring, was relatively stock. I cleared the front turn signal lenses, had OEM aero, a PRM intake, tinted windows & some custom interior bits. I bought the car with the chrome wheels.... Sold with 17,000 miles.

                  The second, was a 2007 GPW/Red I'd ordered new. I had BBS LM's, coilovers, Mugen Exhaust and another PRM intake, OEM aero, NSX-R Honda badges, had it mostly wrapped in clear bra, and powder coated the stock 17" wheels GPW with red 'H'. Was my idea of a 'Type-R' of the time, if there was such a thing. Sold with 15,000 miles.

                  Each time I moved away from each of the aforementioned I quickly realized I'd made a mistake. Here is it, 15 years after I'd gotten my first, and I find it funny it's still the one car, of all those I have and have had, that I have a true love-affair with. My current sits next to a few other cars in my garage with more than 2x the HP, but at the end of the day, I'm most connected to the S2000.

                  One of the more fun things I've done with the latest, is driving Will Power in his parade lap, in my S2000, prior to him placing 2nd in the 2016 Honda Mid-Ohio Indy 200.

                  Dug some old' photo's out of the archives, because a post about an S2000 isn't anything without pics! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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                    spa01s2k AKA "mile high goon, hypocrite, and gang bang instigator" <--- all names given to me by "almighty" ruler of S2kca.


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                      Welcome to CO your going to love it an especially drive your car here. I like you do not use FB nor will I anytime in the future. The club has great people in it and they do at times reach out on this web site. As the weather gets better their will be more people driving their cars. Where do you live.


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                        Originally posted by 001s2k View Post
                        Welcome to CO your going to love it an especially drive your car here. I like you do not use FB nor will I anytime in the future. The club has great people in it and they do at times reach out on this web site. As the weather gets better their will be more people driving their cars. Where do you live.
                        Thank you for the welcome. I'll certainly look forward to getting together for group drives and/or events. We're in the Castle Rock area. And you?


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                          Welcome, hopefully we will have a little more active summer this year. I know I plan to be on track at least a couple times a month.


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                            Welcome BW, I'd call a string of S2000's one after the other a pretty dedicated fan. And yeah, another picture of an S2000 is just that...unless it has Will "double birdie" Power perched on the tonneau cover, that makes it quite special! Nice Avatar! (How about posting a full size shot?)
                            Have you thought about S2Kdays? Just a short hop to LA! Lots of good people.
                            I've had my MY2000 car since Sept 99 and it seems like I've taken mods off almost as many times as I've put them on, some stayed, some didn't but the car still remains in my garage, love at first site.
                            2000 AP1 mods: Kraftwerks high boost supercharger kit, Proflow Design throttle body, AP2 transmission, Stage 2 Competition Clutch, KW Variant 3 coilovers, RM strut tower brace, MG Racing X brace, AP2 V1 wheels, AP2 rear wing, Moddiction heat shield, Hella horns, Custom fab cold air box, Ceramic coated exhaust manifold, Fujitsubo Legalis R dual exhaust, custom front splitter, and custom vented OEM hood.


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                              Welcome! Our typical events are cars and coffee, a few drives during the warmer months and track days year round (for the few track junkies). Dr. Quin