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2001 S2000 Turbo for Sale - 421.34hp

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  • 2001 S2000 Turbo for Sale - 421.34hp

    2001 HONDA S2000 Turbo (86,700 mil es)

    Greetings fellow S2K enthusiasts, I’ve been the proud owner of the 2001 S2K pictured below since 2006. During that time I have made many upgrades to the engine, sound system and body and spent many exciting hours behind the wheel. I am unfortunately and with great reluctance putting this car up for sale. This S2K has been well maintained and cared for, always stored indoors under a Weather Shield cover and my hope is that whoever the lucky new owner maybe, they will treat her with as much care and attention as I do.

    The suspension is stock, never really found a need to change it. With the engine on the other hand, I had an Inline Pro Turbo professionally installed that produces 421.34hp/281.13lb torque and although I’ve never had it on a track, there have been many unsuspected drivers left in the dust attempting to see what she can do. The OEM rag top was replaced with new Robbins acrylic top with glass rear window and heat strip. The OEM sound system was replaced with a Pioneer Super Tuner receiver, Twister amplifier, Infinity speakers and added Streetsmart headrest speakers to the seats. Gotta have good tunes when you’re cruising! The exterior has a three color paint scheme that starts with a white hot silver in the front and progressively cools to a blue finish at the rear. The OEM hood was replaced with a Seibon carbon fiber hood and Bomex front, rear and side ground effects were added to finish off the look. This S2K has won “People Choice” award at our regional car show. Thanx for looking.
    Farmington, New Mexico

    Standard Equipment
    Air conditioning, cruise control, intermittent wipers, keyless entry, console/storage, powered convertible top, power steering, 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, driver/passenger air bags, positraction, leather bucket seats, 6 speed manual transmission, overdrive

    Performance Up-Grades
    • Inline Pro Turbo Kit
    • Inline Pro Head Gasket
    • Inline Pro Oil Relocation Kit
    • AEM Uego Wideband gauge
    • AEM Boost Gauge
    • Greddy Emanage Ultimat & Harness
    • Dual Pod Pillar
    • RC750cc injectors
    • AEM EMS
    • NGK Spark Plugs
    • CSR Coolant Overflow Tank
    • Custom Short Ram Air Intake
    • 3 Bar Map Sensor
    • Centerforce Clutch
    • Strut Support
    • Borla Stainless Performance Exhaust System
    • Front wheels: 2697771750 17x7 5-4.5 Motegi SP5 Hyper Black
    • B.F. Goodrich 215/45R17 XL GForce Supersport
    • Rear wheels: 2697771740R 17x7 5-4.5 Motegi SP5 Hyper Black
    • B.F. Goodrich 245/40R17 XL GForce Supersport

    Audio Up-Grades
    • Pioneer Super Tuner3D Receiver DEH-P6000UB CD/MP3/WMA/WAV/ITunes
    • Pioneer/Sony Steering Control Interface
    • Infinity 60.7CS 6-1/2” 2-way Speakers
    • Streetsmart S-Pod Headrest Speaker Kit
    • Twister F2-190-III Amplifier
    • Kicck8 2ch AMP kit
    • Roadkill Expert sound deadening

    Aesthetic Up-Grades
    • Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
    • Bomex Front Bumper
    • Bomex Rear Bumper
    • Bomex Side skirts
    • Custom 3 color “Fade” paint scheme
    • Blacked-out tail lights
    • Alcantara Ultra Suede sew in bucket seat inserts
    • Alcantara Ultra Suede sew in door panel inserts
    • Hornet security system model# 742T
    • Robbins 100Acrylic cloth convertible top w/ glass window & heat grid
    • Semi-custom Weather Shield HP vehicle cover

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    I believe you forgot to include a price with your ad.

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      The photos are not loading for me.


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        Originally posted by AZS2KDancer View Post
        The photos are not loading for me.
        They aren't loading for anyone. They don't appear to have been uploaded correctly. Perhaps a cut & paste error. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        Griffon: the seller has listed it elsewhere on the Internet at $25,500.

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          Well shoot, at one point I had the price noted in the title block but you're right, I have the vehicle listed for $25,500.00. Also not sure what's up with the photos, they opened for me just now. I'll check it again later and see if this keeps happening.
          Thx for letting me know!


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            Originally posted by Rustynuts View Post
            Well shoot, at one point I had the price noted in the title block but you're right, I have the vehicle listed for $25,500.00.
            Subject line might have issues with special characters (like $). Not sure. It didn't used to, but sometimes updates from the host can break things that used to work. I'll bring this thread to the attention of the admin ( 4U2NV ).

            "Wait... r.murphy isn't a dude?"
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            ​Don't be so humble - you are not that great.
            --​​​​​​ Golda Meir


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              Is it silver?
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