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Another Blount County (NC) Rescue Squad Item for Charity

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  • Another Blount County (NC) Rescue Squad Item for Charity

    A link to my Marketplace ad for a pair of 2007 trunk springs. Just updated to CR springs, so my wing is supported.

    All proceeds go to the Blount County (TN) Rescue Squad. As we've mentioned, this all volunteer team is the only group that can save you, when you have an accident on the Tail of the Dragon.

    HardTopGuy is also planning an item for donation. I'll post that,, as soon as he sends me pics.
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    For those of you not familiar with the Dragon, here are some fun facts:

    1. The Dragon (US. Route 129) is 11 miles long and has 318 turns. Now nobody has officially counted to see if there are, in fact 318 turns, but at the end of the 11 miles, your arms sure feel like it.
    2. The Dragon starts at the top of the hill at the NC/TN border.
    3. The Dragon is measured from the NC/TN border to the Gravel Lot at the Tab Cat Creek bridge. The parking area just before the Tab Cat Bridge is called the Gravel Lot but has been paved for over 12 years.
    4. US Route 129 information from Wikipedia for those who want more: "U.S. Route 129 (US 129) is an auxiliary route of US 29, which it intersects in Athens, Georgia. US 129 currently runs for 582 miles (937 km) from an intersection with US 19/US 27 ALT/US 98 in Chiefland, Florida, to an interchange with Interstate 40(I-40) in Knoxville, Tennessee. It passes through the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. It goes through the cities of Macon, Athens, Gainesville, and Knoxville."
    5. Another bit from Wikipedia; "Blount County is a county located in the U.S. state of Tennessee. As of the 2010 census, the population was 123,010.It had an estimated population of 133,088 in 2019. The county seat is Maryville, which is also the county's largest city.

    Blount County is included in the Knoxville, TN Metropolitan Statistical Area." The Blount County Rescue Squad is headquartered in Alcoa, TN .
    6. "As its name suggests, Alcoa is the site of a large aluminum smelting plant owned and operated by the Alcoa corporation (Aluminum Company of America). Formerly known as North Maryville, the town was incorporated under its present name in 1919."

    And so concludes today's geography lesson. . BCRS is a great resource for those who ride the Dragon with a bit more enthusiasm than skill. They are the closest operational Rescue Squad to the Dragon and a great deal of their calls come from the Dragon area.