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August 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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  • August 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

    S2KCA BOD Meeting Minutes August 2018:

    Meeting time was on Sunday August 26, 2018, 6:00pm Central Time via UberConference. Quorum was formed at 6:18pm Central Time.

    In attendance were: Bruce Cooper, Fred Eldridge, Gene Strupe, Roseanne Murphy, and Terry Cobb. Joining at 6:50pm Central Time was Justin Gutierrez.
    Not in attendance: Alex Chang, Greg Donegan, Traci Scott

    1) Reminder re Elections:
    Club Secretary noted that Elections are to be held in 2018 for board positions for 2019. Positions up for election are Vice President, Treasurer, North-West Regional Director (RD), South-West RD, North-East RD. Roseanne to post reminder publicly and deadline to submit announcement for candidacy is December 1, 2018.

    2) Selling S2KCA items:
    Club VP submitted request to discuss the selling of current S2KCA items. Of primary concern was the question of pricing. All cost of goods sold including packaging and shipping would need to be covered and then a mark-up to support the acquisition of future products was discussed. However, a decision was not reached regarding how much the mark-up should be -- sliding scale based on cost of item? straight percentage? Coop agreed to create a suggested price list based on the cost of the items provided by Rosemary & Fred and then post that to the Board of Directors subforum for review and official vote for approval. The creation of a Club store was briefly discussed and tabled for future meeting.

    3) Club Pres suggested topic “Controlling S2KDays”: tabled for future meeting.

    4) Cutting Club Expenses:
    Club Secretary reported re domain name renewals. Club owns,,, and Board agreed to maintain,,

    5) Increasing Club Income:
    Club Secretary expressed concern that lowering expenses is not enough to maintain the club's existence unless income is also increased. With an eye to increasing income and improving long term viability of the Club, we discussed the following areas for review:
    Types of memberships? Do we maintain multiple types of memberships or simplify and go to only one or two types of membership? What should be in the welcome packet (costs of packaging and shipping have increased and Rosemary & Fred have indicated that both costs and the amount of effort required for fulfillment is becoming an issue)? Should the “no swag” option be discontinued? A preliminary vote was taken regarding swag/no swag; removing the no swag was favored. Topic discussed, then tabled for further research and discussion at a future meeting.

    6) Referral Reward Program:
    Club Secretary suggested the creation of an incentive for current members to recruit new members -- a referral reward program. A new member can list the name of a referring member and that member could receive a credit toward their next membership renewal. Up to $30 value in one year? What about life time members? They could use their referral toward swag? Topic tabled for further research and discussion.

    7) Maintaining current membership; rewarding current members for sticking with us:
    Club Secretary suggested randomly choosing members names out of a hat (or digital equivalent) in order to send the member a small “thank you” gift for being a paying sustainer of the club. No support for this suggestion was garnered. Topic dropped.

    8) Welcome letter that goes to new members:
    Club Secretary requested a digital copy of the Welcome Letter penned by the VP which goes to all new members which could also be shared on line (intention: educate non-members about what the Club is, add content to the site, generate interest in the forum, encourage new members). Fred to send letter to Roseanne for conversion to PDF and sharing.

    9) How to maintain member interest in Club -- Suggestion of Interviewing VOY:
    Club Secretary suggested (and volunteered to conduct) interviews of the Club’s many VoY winners from the past 18 years and post the Interviews to share on the forum and social media. Could serve as an introduction, getting to know you better, generate interest, and add much needed content to the forum. Suggestion received favorably. A request for sample questions was made by the Club president.

    10-?) Subsequent agenda items tabled for future meeting and/or discussion via Board of Directors sub-forum on S2KCA web site.

    Meeting officially adjourned at 7:51pm Central Time.

    -Roseanne Murphy, your friendly S2KCA Secretary

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    Thanks for posting...!!!!!
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      Thanks for posting. It looks like a lot of agenda items were tabled for future discussion. Perhaps these issues needing further discussion could be assigned with due dates noted for bring information to these meetings so that they can be debated and voted upon.


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        Thanks for the report

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