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Interesting story on the S600

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  • Interesting story on the S600

    Check out this link for a story on the S600 posted on Hemminhs blog.
    Thought it was interesting.

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    Thanks for the link! I hope one day I can finally enjoy driving my S600 at 12,000-rpms. The author hates the car, but I can see how I would love it:

    With the Honda S600, when stoplights turned green, I’d push the accelerator first, rev the engine to 2,500 RPM, slip the clutch for a couple of seconds, and then, finally, the car moved out. I don’t like doing business that way. It really bothers me to slip a clutch.

    And due to the engine’s weak torque and high rev-ability, the S600′s final drive ratio was 6.42:1. That meant that driving on the freeway in high (fourth) gear, the engine was turning 1,000 RPM for every 10 MPH of speed. In other words, at 70 MPH, the tach stood at 7,000 RPM. The engine was already screaming. It sounded like a soprano banshee sustaining high C. I like engines with a tenor or bass voice, not running down the highway singing eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And that was the main reason I couldn’t cotton to the S600.

    The S600 engine redlined at 9,500 RPM. Below about 7,000 RPM, performance tended to be pretty tame…not much action. From 7,000 to 10,000 RPM, though, it did move, and the engine would keep revving to 12,000 without complaint; just a more blood-curdling scream. I never had the heart, though, to push my car that far. Again, my fault, I know, but I cut my teeth on lower-rev, torquier stuff.

    '65 Honda S600
    '02 Honda Mugen S2000
    '10 BMW E90 M3
    '15 Mini Cooper