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The Big Huge Thank You Thread!

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  • The Big Huge Thank You Thread!

    I wanted to take a few minutes to say a few ‘thank yous’ to a number of folks involved in the planning and execution of S2KDays Austin. First, thanks to all the folks who came. Many were going on faith that it was going to be something worthwhile since they may not have been around during S2KDays Asheville. So, to those folks who didn’t quite know what to expect and for those who did, thanks for coming. It was everything that I had hoped the event was going to be.

    Second, thanks to Sondra and the team of drive leaders that she assembled. The plan they developed prevented any ‘interloping’ and at the same time provided a number of choices for everyone to pick as the drives they were to take on Saturday. The drive leaders did a great job with a perfect track record – no accidents/incidents, no tickets. Great job!

    The drive leaders are as follows:
    Jimmy (JWan)
    Randy (Schatten)
    Jeff (jwfisher)
    Mark (wickerbill)
    Stefan (Atoku)
    Chris (Chris S)
    Sondra (she led a group, as well)

    Great job, guys and gal…by all accounts the drives were not only safe, but very fun, as well. Having so many routes to choose from also gave everyone great choices as to what kind of drive they wanted to experience…this worked so well as long as I have anything to do with it, this will be the way that it’s done in all future S2KDays.

    Now, on to the vendors and sponsors:

    American Honda, as you likely know, contributed a healthy amount of cabbage that was primarily applied to the dinner on Saturday. Dinner on Friday was excellent, as well, but the filet mignon and lobster cakes were truly excellent. The food at the Renaissance is top notch. Many thanks to American Honda to stepping up like this…I can speak for everyone, I’m sure, when I say thank you for that. It was mentioned to me that some folks may want to write a note of thanks to AH for this…if you would like to do this, please write a note (snail mail style) and forward it to me at:

    S2000 Club of America
    3739 N. Pine Grove
    Chicago, IL 60613

    …and I will forward that on to them. I believe this is a nice touch and will help to have them participate in future events of ours.

    Howdy Honda also came through at the last minute and sponsored the BBQ lunch on Saturday…thanks Kirk and Co. for that one! I’m hopeful to work with them on other sponsorship arrangements in the very near future. For now, thanks for lunch…Opie’s is some dang good BBQ. And anytime you hear Herbie, the proprietor of Opie’s, say upon arrival of the first group of S2000’s, “Look, it’s my S R 2000 buddies!” Classic! Many thanks to Howdy Honda of Austin for a great slice of Texas hill country BBQ.

    Event sponsors and vendors:

    ComptechUSA – if they had just sent Nate, we could have been happy, but no, they also sent a nice package of goodies from everything from posters to strut bars to flywheels, etc. Great representation from them. They were very generous with us for the event and that was awesome.

    Rick’s Signature Accessories – Stratocaster (Jeff) was on hand to field questions and also had a nice assortment of goodies to give to raffle off, including the rear gear set and other very nicely made items, as well. Thanks to Rick and to Jeff for being there…Rick’s is also raffling off another set of rear gears to S2KCA members at the event that we are sponsoring called the Fall Colors Tour in the northeast. Should be big fun…!

    Cobalt Friction Technologies – great friend of the Club and of mine, contributed a Stoptech big brake kit, which retails for about 1,700 dollars. Thanks, Andie!

    Muz Accessories – contributed a windscreen and an engraved countersunk shift knob to give out to folks. Muz is a great guy, please support him by buying his stuff!

    Science of Speed – contributed an x-brace and a gauge pod as raffle items. Thanks Chris and Co.!

    Burtman Industries – contributed a full/real carbon fiber dash kit…thanks Jason!

    Modacar – sent us a very nice care package of goodies to give out. Including a 100 dollar gift certificate at their shop, Thanks John!

    Intercity Lines – advertised in the event program, as usual…!

    Bulletproof Automotive – had an awesome display (har har), but Ben was there in person and it was great to meet and hang out with him.

    Other companies who provide the Club with ongoing support and encouragement are Dent Wizard, Valley Engraving, RM Racing, King Motorsports, R&D Motorsports, and probably others that I will think of as soon as I post this thread. It’s an all volunteer effort here and we couldn’t do it without so many excellent sponsors and supporters…so on behalf of the Club, THANK YOU!

    Big thanks to Danny N (munckee) for the creation of the event logo...great job on that!

    Thanks to the staff at the Renaissance...they made it very easy for us to get it all set up. And they even made us one incredibly cool cake with the Club's logo on it and everything. Very cool and a great group to work with...

    And big thanks to MZM Performance in Austin for hosting the dyno day on Sunday, as well as the other things that they provided at the shop. I wished they had come to the BBQ at Sondra's on Sunday, but I suppose they had other plans...check out their site at ... good stuff!

    At the end of the day, the Club was able to pull off a great event with what looks like to have some extra cash in the bankroll. Once we get all the bills in, we’re going to look at the numbers and see how much we can spend on another nice event memento gift for all the attendees. Stay tuned for that…!

    If you have any suggestions on making next year’s event even better, don’t hesitate to speak up!

    "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
    --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975

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    S2KCA Planners/Sponsors/Driver Leaders,

    You have definitely found the magic recipe for creating an extremely fun-filled weekend for this S2K Days Event. Having been a part of both S2K Days, '01 and '03, I can honestly say that this *MUST* be an annual event.

    Just let me know when and where this event will be held next year and you should see an S2000 with 120k miles.

    The HouStooks enjoyed having it so close to home this year, but we'll start gearing up for the drive to S2K Days '04!

    Remember: HAWAII is out of the question.

    The wait begins until the next S2k Days event.

    .................................................. .................................................. ..........


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      No problem at all Wei-Shen! Thanks to YOU for letting me relax and enjoy the scenery for those same 150 miles. Also, think of it as small repayment for letting me ride around in your supercharged NSX at NSXpo last year.



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        Weird...I submitted my reply to Wei-Shen AFTER his post, yet my post appears BEFORE his.

        Uhh..this post too! (Twilight Zone music in background)


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          Yes, our server's clock OD'd on caffeine...please see this thread...

          Sorry for the confusion...

          "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
          --Rush, 'Anthem' on Fly by Night - 1975


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            Greg, Sondra, et al

            You guys get a BIG THANK YOU from the S2KCA members. Without you, this event would not have happened. We all do this because we LOVE the car and the people who drive them. A special thanks to Deep who let me drive his silver baby 150 miles on Saturday!

            I had a great time. Would love to attend and help with S2KDays 2004.