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Semi-official "Room for improvement" thread

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  • Semi-official "Room for improvement" thread

    Overall, a great event. Some minor tweaks I'd like to propose for future events, as well as provide a thread for others to comment.

    1) The ID tags, while cool looking, were basically useless other than distinguishing attendees from everyone else. It would have been nice for our names to have been bigger (and therefore readable without staring at everyone's crotch). I'm horrible with names - I'll remember a face for years but forget a name within 10 seconds.

    2) At the friday dinner, I thought the S2000 sales video was a bad idea. For one, we all have an S2000 already, and already know it's a better track car than the Z3 and base Boxster. Having it playing in a dark room discouraged socializing since most everyone was watching it.

    3) As for the scope of future events... It would have been cool to have had some more stuff planned for Friday afternoon (prior to dinner). Anyone from out of town is pretty much at a loss for getting around. Not sure how to facilitate it, but it would have been nice to have been able to take one of the shorter Saturday drives on Friday.

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    Regarding issue item #3:

    I thought the TJ Max and Penzoil tour was apart of the 'welcome to and get to know the Arboreteum' package.

    I agree with what's stated above, and would like to add:

    4) Add a non-driving event for those that don't want to participate in the drives, wake up too late from heavy drinking the night before, cannot participate because their spouses don't want to go on the drive and don't want their significant other to leave them. I know if there was something for the wife to go do, or visit, that was organized, we potentially could have gotten more tag-along spouses to come with and enjoy the weekend as well. As it was, I felt quite guilty that I had a fun weekend vacation without my wife and enjoyed the weather whilst she was in the crappy Chicago-cold.


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      Originally posted by Urmil
      I felt quite guilty that I had a fun weekend vacation without my wife and enjoyed the weather whilst she was in the crappy Chicago-cold.
      MEOW! <crack>

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        1) It's flattering to know you were scanning my crotch WSB.
        2) I thought it was fun to watch the Honda propaganda video. Parker is such a dork, but we love him.
        3) Perhaps an S2K caravan through town would've been a fun thing for Friday.
        4) Great idea, Urmil. I would've liked to have a non-drive option myself since I slept til after lunch.
        5) Well, actually just more on 1)... Screen names on the name tags in big ol' letters!


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          Originally posted by monkeymaker
          5) Well, actually just more on 1)... Screen names on the name tags in big ol' letters!
          What was your name again?

          Originally posted by monkeymaker
          5) Well, actually just more on 1)... Screen names on the name tags in big ol' letters!
          I'd agree with this as well, although I probably would have had to explain the history of west side Billy twice as many times!

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            When you have less raffle prizes than there are people there's no reason people should be eligible to win two or more prizes. Once your number is pulled it doesn't go back in so there's a greater chance for more people to leave with a prize.

            I also would have liked to have people's screen names on their nametags. Also, making the names bigger would have made it easier to read.

            Since some people travel from long distances, it might be nice to gauge interest on some Friday activities before the regular weekend activities begin. They would be an additional part of the weekend so those who couldn't make it wouldn't be missing any fo the actual S2KDays event, but the visitors from out of town could maybe take in some local flavor when they get into town.



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              BTW, we haven't been ignoring this thread...just wanted everyone to make comments without us interrupting. Please keep making them...they will be useful for future events for the Club.

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                Fun event, but here are my suggestions:

                - Don't allow same person to win multiple prizes. This way more people walk away happy. (I won the gears, so I'm not complaining too much )

                - Make the event schedule more complete and thorough. For example, the group photo was not even mentioned in the schedule. I showed up to the hotel, couldn't find anyone anywhere, and was luckily directed to the garage roof by the hotel staff and barely made it in time for the shoot. Just please include ALL activities on the handout literature.

                - As mentioned above, the nametags were useless. Next time emphasize the name and web handle, not the logo.

                Again great event, but there's always room for improvement.



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                  If possible, make the Saturday dinner even more "special", perhaps by inviting someone from Honda to give a little speech/presentation. Another year of cementing the relationship should get one of the guys out to join us, I'd think.

                  Depending on the time of year, maybe they are willing to give an "exclusive preview" to the new model year, for example.
                  "Blue Oh-Two" (#424)
                  Rick's header, Hondata gasket, Mugen thermostat/fan switch, Mugen radiator cap, Aussie mirror, Lucid's rear speakers, Alpine CDA-7893R & KCE-865B, Muz's saddlebag, Windscreen Light, Modifry's glove box organizer and lots of Zaino!


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                    Ditto on most other comments, esp. the raffle and nametags. In addition, make inserts for both the front and rear of the nametags, since they don't do much good if they're backwards.

                    It's a great sign that we have so little to complain about...overall, I thought it was a GREAT event. Thanks esp. to Greg and Sondra for making it happen!

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                      OK, so here is my response from an e-mail to Greg. I hope that he does not mind me posting it here. I put some time and thought into it and is meant to be constructive in nature.
                      Myself, and I believe everyone else, could really tell that a LOT of work went on behind the scenes. It was apparent that much effort was taken to procure sponsors, work with the hotel, setup drive routes, etc. Our group talked about the event afterwards and most of my comments come from the group.

                      - Advertisement: I think we all felt that we should have been doing more to advertise the event, just couldn't figure out how to twist people arms any harder. From what I understand, many of the potential attendees just couldn't figure out what was going to happen at the event. Details were slow to unfold (which I understand) and a bit sketchy. Next time I would lay out a nice TWO-FULL-DAYS of events EARLIER. More ideas on these events later.
                      - Registration: Nice, easy to do on-line, and organized. I think the price was TOO HIGH and would suggest something in the $50-$75 range for next year. I think that will broaden a few horizons and may also lessen the critique on pricing.
                      - Weekend Itinerary: The event program was nice but I don't think the schedule was detailed enough. This made the event come off a little to laid-back and left many wondering what to do and where to be when. Next time lay everything out with scheduled times, places, etc.
                      - Sign-In at the Hotel: We couldn't figure out where to go or what to do when we arrived. Once we did find everyone, Sondra did a great job with the packette's, name badges, etc. The meal tickets and stuff were also good. Next time, identify a central place where everyone can park together and be met by a greeter.
                      - Friday Night Opening Dinner: The meal was good, maybe actually a little much considering the informalness of the group (this is probably a place to save some green).
                      - Friday Night Dinner Stuff: I would not show movies until after dinner. It really killed all of the conversation and getting to know people. Setting up the group drives after dinner was GREAT. Having people talk about the drives was also a VERY NICE touch and made it all feel more professional.
                      - Speakers: I know this is just a car club, but for a NATIONAL meet, I would formalize this a bit. Think about what you want to say to the group and then get up there and look them in the eyes, say thank you for coming, here's what we're going to do, it's going to be a great time, now let's do it! I think a lot of people wanted to hear more from YOU!
                      - Vendor Expo: The vendor expo turned out not so strong. I think we just have to figure out a way to get more parts to see. Comptech seemed to be the only one who really showed up strong. I expected to see much more out of Rick's and King. For the work you put in on this I think it sort of fell through the cracks
                      - Saturday Drives: Can't say enough about how well the drives went. I think everyone was very happy with this part of the event. Plus, they were incident free!
                      - Saturday Night Dinner: Same as Friday night. The raffle was fun and you guys got together a LOT of nice stuff. However, once someone wins, take their name out! It gives everyone more of a chance to win which is more fun.
                      - Sunday: Sunday ended up being way too sketchy. Only a few showed up at the dyno day and I think that was sort of a last minute deal. See my ideas below for what we can think about doing next year.

                      Future event ideas:
                      - Autocross: As we talked about earlier the NT club has all of the equipment to put on a top notch autocross for anywhere from 15-50 cars. Next time we'll just need to identify a site and the NT club can take it from there. I think this may have been a fun thing to do on Sunday Morning into Early Afternoon.
                      - Concourse: For those who do not want to Autocross, offer a concourse in front a lake, at a park or golf course, or some other elegant place. This is easy to do and all you need are judges and some ribbons. Perfect for Sunday Morning. You could also hold a wash/wax prior.
                      - Car show: Could be at the same time as the concourse. Everyone could fill out a small note card to be placed on their car that would show their top five-ten mods. It would make it easier to walk up and talk to the owner about their car. I think we really needed more time to check out peoples cars in Austin.
                      - Group Photo: I know we did this in Austin but it was sort of crazy. Next time let's pick a really nice place and let everyone know when it's going to be in the itinerary. I know some people who missed out on the photos and were none to happy.

                      I know this is a lot of stuff and I'm really hoping that we can take this as constructive feedback. I also really hope that we can pull this out and use it next year as a starting point. Just let me know when your ready to start planning again and I'll be there.


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                        I, in fact, agree with most of what has been said…but I will give a little detail and background to try to frame what I will say in the proper context. First a little background through the hindsight that I now have since the event is a week back. But first, Asheville…we had twice the number of cars and about twice the number of people. What I don’t understand is this: If people had a problem with the price, why didn’t we have half as many people show up in Asheville? The events were priced almost identically. And given the amount of information that was posted prior to Austin, I can’t imagine that people can think they were missing out on info…it was all right out there in its very own forum. This continues to elude explanation, except perhaps that the economy has a stranglehold on people’s wallets for this kind of thing. I am certainly NOT complaining that the event was poorly attended…as far as I am concerned it was just right – manageable and personal. And it met my criteria of it being national since people came from both coasts and all the way up the middle, as well. I would MUCH rather have the event be smaller and include people from all over the country than to have everyone be from the state in which the event occurs – otherwise it couldn’t be called ‘national.’

                        The credentials…I see that WSB stumbled onto my master plan…to get people to look at my crotch. Unfortunately, for me or for them, I’m not quite sure, it didn’t work. But I do agree, the holders are too long and the letters on the badges were not large enough. The upside is that the holders can be reused by race fans to hold their badges for other events…plus it’s a Mugen piece. Cool? Yes. Functional? Not so much so. Easy to fix next time though. We may just go with name tags that are pinned on to clothing. The last thing I want is a sticker that says “Hi, my name is Dork” on them. But like I said, this is easy to fix. Lesson learned…and they will have the screen names on the tags, as well.

                        As for Friday, Sondra was all set up to have the Austin Ducks boat tour…and it was posted about in the event’s forum. There wasn’t sufficient interest to charter a boat, not even enough so to organize a group to go there. We tried that, no one seemed to want to do it…what more could we do?

                        The video on Friday itself wasn’t a bad idea, but perhaps the volume could have been lower. Again, easy to fix…however, the video of Rendezvous, now THAT was crazy…and I think people really enjoyed that one. We played it pretty fast and loose with the videos, but again that’s easy to fix.

                        As for inviting Honda or some racer or someone. I had gotten in touch with Parker Johnstone (the guy in the Honda sales training video) about coming, but he was unable to because of a schedule conflict. He says he would be happy to come to future events. Parker was even suggested by AH to do a keynote…this is definitely something we will do in future S2KDays. If anyone has any other people they might like to suggest, drop me a note and I can try to get in touch with them. Generally these things need to be set up pretty far in advance as their schedules fill up pretty quickly. I’m certainly open to suggestions.

                        The raffle prizes…we had some very, very nice prizes this year and that was great. Next year we will definitely pull the numbers out when someone wins, no matter what the prize. I thought it was uncanny how the same numbers were being picked.

                        The photo shoot was an impromptu thing and took a lot longer than it should have. We didn’t schedule that in, for some reason and lots of folks didn’t know about this. Next year, we will plan that into the schedule and make sure there is enough time to make it work right. It’s important enough to have it be a formal part of the schedule; we overlooked that this year. We won’t next year…

                        There were lots of things that happened more or less last minute that changed the complexion of the event. I would consider the AH sponsorship an almost last minute thing. The Howdy Honda sponsorship of lunch on Saturday was a last minute thing. And certainly the dyno day at MZM was last minute. These things happened for a variety of reasons, but while I’m extremely grateful for these companies doing things for us, it made things seem a little last minute (for lack of a better term) and it left us with trying to figure those pieces into the event somehow. The first two things changed the pricing, which as I have mentioned, once all the final bills and numbers come in, we’ll be looking at a nice memento gift for folks…that will take some time to figure out, so be patient.

                        Overall, I think the event was exactly what I had been hoping and planning for. As everyone saw, it’s not a get together to go on a drive…it’s about getting to know other people from around the country; the drives are just a small part of the whole thing. I’m also glad to see that the suggestions being made here by you guys are really pretty minor and would result in tweaking things rather than overhauling things. I think the recipe is a good one and it just about mirrors Asheville, which was a great success for a first effort.

                        Next year: We are tossing around ideas now…nothing even close to being firm yet, but a few ideas have been floated. One thing that I will do is to go after more corporate sponsorship. I could get so much money from companies that the event could actually be free to attendees. That, however, takes a great deal of work and a lot of butt-kissing. But if you work for a big company, get in touch with me. Most large companies have budgets for this kind of PR thing. We would be happy to take a contribution in return for whatever kind of PR they would want. However, this is a Club event and there will always be, for better or worse, an ‘exclusive’ feel to it and I’m not apologizing for this. This event will always be just for S2KCA members…if someone isn’t a ‘club’ type person, frankly, they can go off and organize their own event. So I don’t think making it ‘free’ (plus the membership fee) is all that great of an idea…making it less expensive? Sure, why not. Free? No, that will not happen…having it be somewhat exclusive makes it special.

                        That’s basically it. Again, glad the things mentioned here are really pretty minor and I’m happy about that. We will tweak things and make sure that these suggestions are incorporated in to next year.

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                          Will the event be in Texas again next year? Are other states being considered? Just curious.

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                            P. S. -- Great forum -- nice to see opportunity for member feedback.

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                              Val, right now, we're all just kind of sitting back and relaxing...!

                              We haven't made any real plans for next year, but it won't be in Texas. The idea is to move it around the country to give those who are 'geographically challenged' (which is everyone in a huge country like the US) a chance to come to the event. We should have more details on it stay tuned.

                              Right now, I'm heading to the Club's event at Gingerman so I won't be around until late Sunday night.

                              Hope y'all's weekend is great...!

                              "Live for yourself -- there's no one else more worth living for."
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                                Here are most of the ideas expressed above organized in my way of thinking...
                                1. Event
                                  - reduce the registration fee.
                                2. Event Schedule
                                  - More descriptive w/ times and locations for each event.
                                  - Emphasis on the "Photo Shoot" so all can participate.
                                3. ID Tags
                                  - add S2KCA screen names
                                  - use shorter string so that tags hang higher up
                                  - have info on both sides of tags
                                4. Event Arrival Coordination
                                  - Parking Lot Guidance/ Centralized event parking
                                  - Check-In Assistance
                                  - Event Signup booth location
                                5. Dinners
                                  - Videos need to be minimized to provide a more social atmosphere
                                  - Add keynote speaker. Honda/sponsor
                                  - Friday Dinner could be made less formal to save money.
                                6. Raffles
                                  - Remove name from hat after winning a prize
                                7. Vendor Expo
                                  - document/plan the time/location
                                  - have more vendors
                                8. Saturday Event Drives
                                  - provide several routes
                                  - keep them relatively short to within 1/2 day drives.
                                  - keep the numbers per group to a max of 8 cars
                                9. Sunday Events
                                  - better planned/identified
                                10. Future Event Options
                                  - Autocrosses
                                  - Concourse
                                  - Car Show. Focused on modifications and technical expertise instead of judging/competition.
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                                  Everyone has pretty much summed it up already, but I'd like to add a suggestion to the vender expo.

                                  How about whatever vendor shows up or decides to represent their company bring along products they could sell at a discounted price to the event attendees and ONLY the event attendees? such as what Nate at Comptech did. $150 for a brand new Comptech flywheel? we could definitely use more of that...


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                                    I had a FABULOUS time. A big thank you to Greg, Sondra and the entire planning team for all their efforts. I KNOW how much time and effort it takes to put one of these events together. For those with criticisms, put your energy into volounteering to make next year's event even BETTER.

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