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Let's Hear More About S2KDays

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  • Let's Hear More About S2KDays

    OK! you all must be holding out on some of the happenings and talk about S2KDays. I want here some good stuff like who barfed , who got caught doing something they should be doing, who was the (besides Nate, who apparently knows how to enjoy life), and what were the parties like.

    Come on everyone post some more, let's hear about the good times you all had during the entire event. This will build the incentives for me and others to attend next year. Oh and by the way, I have been enjoying the pictures - great job everyone.

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    I have an hour of video from the Dyno Day on Sunday that I have dumped onto my machine at home. I just need to break them up adn post them up here on the server and link them. Nothing really too exciting but some cool cars and dyno runs etc.


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      Okay, I'll bite at this one. This is what I learned at S2K Days 2003.


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        Ok Randy, since you brought it up, I'll share the story with the rest of the class...

        A bunch of us took penny taxis to this famous all-night diner that serves these hideous fried pickle things. By the time we arrived I had to heed nature's call, and quickly, so I left the clan outside to go tend to my business in the little boy's room. I entered the lovely (read: filthy) restroom without incident, but while I was using the urinal for the purpose that God intended for it, I couldn't help but notice the fella washing his hands in the sink next to me. Washing one's hands in a lavatory isn't unusual, of course, but he seemed to be scrubbing up prior to entering surgery. This made me a wee bit nervous as my wee-ing was well, time-consuming.

        So at long last I finished what I came to do, and thankfully I was not the greasy surgeon dude's subject. I mean, how could I have been, he hasn't finished scrubbing up yet! Having been brought up right (way to go, Mom!) I patiently waited behind the doc so I could eventually use the sink. And man I do mean eventually. I waited, and waited, and waited some more, as this guy was scrubbing so intently, like all the way up to his elbows, that I wondered if he was trying to wash the hair off his arms. I must've been in there for 10 minutes, bobbing and weaving behind him, trying to catch his attention with my reflection in the cracked mirror in front of him, (Did this creep break the mirror by smiling at it?) which is more polite than saying what I really wanted to say.

        Well, I managed to wait it out long enough. When he finished up he turned around looking for the paper towels to dry his waterlogged appendages. Ever vigilant, I seized the opportunity and went for it! Yahoo! I was able to sneak in there and establish position in front of the rotten, cheapo-deluxe porcelain wall-mounted sink. Prudence dictated I wash up as quickly as one can whilest still being sanitary , but also that I keep an eye on this freakybopper behind me in the mirror's reflection. He continued to look around for the paper towels like a blind squirrel trying to find a nut, but sadly, he couldn't find them. I finished my quick wash-up, reached up to grab a towel right below the looking glass in front of me, (where the paper towels had been the whole time, mind you,) and stepped back to dry my hands. The mad surgeon then kinda grunted, reached past me to grab a wad of towels and then looked me dead in the eye, wiggled his eyebrows menacingly, and chortled in a curiously horrifying tone...

        "Loooong night."

        I left immediately.