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The "I got home safely and drove this many miles round trip" thread.

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    On my last morning in California for this trip, I had breakfast with an old school friend. As we were leaving, we noticed another Silverstone S in the parking lot directly in front of Western Bagel (source of our breakfast). I did leave an S2KCA calling card with my screen name and first name. I wonder if they will check us out?


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      Got home this afternoon with just the original stone chip on the windshield and two bird strikes. Ouch for the poor critters.

      We put on 3023 miles to get to LA and drove 2678 miles home for a total of 5701 miles, and like Gene I'm not saying what it cost.


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        I just now found this thread because somehow it eluded me after we got home. Yes, we did make it home safely, and without any incidents, on Sunday evening after the event. We had decided to beat the LA traffic and left the hotel by about 5:30 on Friday morning - sailed through the metropolitan area with hardly any slow downs. Our total mileage was something over 4000 miles because we took a pretty much direct routes out and back. After two days at home we turned around and headed to Michigan for a week, so things were pretty hectic around here in July. We certainly enjoyed seeing everyone again and are definitely looking forward to seeing even more of our S2KCA family in Gettysburg next year. Thanks for a great event Jason and Roseanne.
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